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The Sanctuary
The Sanctuary is a collection of premium villas for the resort lifestyle from Ellington Properties. The residential complex will be in District 11. The villa community is located opposite a blue lagoon with clear water and a snow-white sandy beach. Residents will get comfortable places for beach holidays on the shore. There are many fine restaurants, cosy cafes, shops, bars and clubs in the community.
The complex will have green areas with flowering plants and trees, and residents will be able to have a picnic or barbecue in parks and squares.
Real estate in The Sanctuary is an elite three-level 4-6-bedroom villa with all modern amenities. Each residence has a fenced-in area with:
• covered parking;
• a swimming pool;
• a courtyard with a garden and a terrace.
The brand-new community belongs to the freehold zone, so foreigners can purchase residences here. Villas are available from 17,000,000 AED.
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