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Clinical trials are research studies that are conducted with human volunteers to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of new medical treatments, drugs, vaccines, or medical devices. The main goal of clinical trials is to determine whether a new treatment is safe and effective for use in humans, as well as to identify any potential side effects or risks associated with the treatment.

Pharmaxi LLC is a client-oriented, flexible, innovative and cost-attractive contract research organization. We are focused on the clinical trials of medicinal products, medical devices, and dietary supplements. Pharmaxi cro in europe is trusted by over 70 companies around the world. Check our website and get acquainted with the full list of Pharmaxi partners worldwide and clinical services.

Clinical trials are conducted in several phases, each of which has its own specific goals and requirements. Phase I trials are typically the first step in testing a new treatment in humans and focus on assessing its safety and determining the appropriate dosage. Phase II trials then evaluate the treatment's effectiveness and further examine its safety in a larger group of patients. Phase III trials involve even larger groups of patients and are designed to confirm the treatment's effectiveness, monitor its side effects, and compare it to existing treatments. Finally, Phase IV trials are conducted after a treatment has been approved for use by regulatory agencies, and are intended to continue to monitor its safety and effectiveness in a larger population over an extended period of time.
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