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From then on the man began to work hard to earn money every day and his figure appeared less and less at home The daughter rarely sees her father and the only proof that he still cares about herself is the pocket money that often appears beside her pillow The girl grew up in such a lack of family care Compared with her peers she always had plenty of money on hand and she always used the best stationery However every time the school held a parents' meeting the girl would feel extremely lost because she did not have the parents who accompanied every child The girl became more and more solitary and rebellious and her eccentricity Planetary Gear Motor was proportional to the increase of her father's wealth Her studies were gradually abandoned and she made friends with many young people in society She began to skip classes fight go to dance halls and bars She gradually banished her soul to the brink of depravity because in her heart she was already an orphan who no one cared about

It was a rainy afternoon The man suddenly came home to pick up an important document When he opened the door he smelled a strange smell in the house At this time the daughter should be in school the man did not care went into the bedroom to take away the documents before leaving he opened the bathroom door to relieve himself At the moment he opened the door the daughter inside stood up in a panic He froze and gawked at the tin foil and syringes scattered around the toilet This scene is clear at a glance the daughter is taking drugs! The father's world collapsed in an instant and he never dreamed that the "happiness" he had carefully built up would disappear at once All his efforts and successes over the years have become worthless because her daughter the driving force of her life has fallen Dad The daughter stood there with a pale face A clear slap sounded in the small bathroom and the girl was wronged to cover her red and swollen face her eyes filled with tears but her eyes showed no weakness Why did you hit me! The daughter roared confidently "have you been in charge of me for so many years!" Now it was the father's turn to be speechless He had thought that his daughter would understand his hard work; he had even thought that her daughter would be proud to have such a father But during his busy time he did not notice that his daughter's seedling had grown up unconsciously and began to grow in a dangerous direction As soon as his legs were weak he knelt on the ground and his nerves were on the verge of collapse The daughter looked at his father's reaction in amazement and began to fear "Dad!"! What's the matter with you The man burst into tears

He threw himself on his daughter's legs and soaked her pants with tears His action frightened the girl 12v High Torque Motor and she tried desperately to help her father up in tears She looked at the head of her father's thinning hair and realized for the first time that his father was old and heavy Dad! Don't do this! Can't I stop smoking Please Dad! Get up! Get up! This is the first time that the girl promised her father to give up drugs Things are often easier said than done no matter how determined you are at the time When the girl entered the drug rehabilitation center for the first night of treatment she was so painful that she was almost willing to die The adverse reaction caused her to have vomiting and diarrhea and the staff had to tie her to the bed with a belt to prevent her from hitting the wall She had been screaming all night screaming "Dad!"! I hate you Unaware of all this at home the man assumed that his daughter would keep her promise to kick the habit and return home When he was full of joy and expectation he heard a shocking news-his daughter had injured the guard and escaped from the drug rehabilitation center! The physically and mentally exhausted father gave up his job and began to shuttle through the streets and alleys looking for his daughter's figure He asked around where drug addicts might gather under the overpass in the park

He searched everywhere hoping to get his daughter back one day hoping that their lives would be able to start again However the search seems to be endless the daughter has never appeared the man does not know whether she is still alive in this world However he still cherished a glimmer of hope regardless of the wind or rain he kept looking for it
One day he got a message that a group of drug addicts had been 24v Gear Motor found gathering in an abandoned basement When the father arrived the group had been ordered by the police to form a line and get into the police car In the long procession like a ghost emerging from the ground he saw a scrawny girl The haggard father stood there as if frozen He looked at the haggard young men passing in front of him and at his daughter among them They used to be good kids right What made them what they are today Why did you end your career in such a cruel way Suddenly in his eyes these children became their own children and they all stared at him with resentment accusing him of not being there for them when they needed it most Dad! I hate you The man frantically drove away the hallucinations in his mind but the cries in his ears became louder and louder He gripped the hair on his temples in pain Dad!

I hate you With tears streaming down his face he knelt in the dust raised by the police car that had driven away But there was no contrite eye to look at the penitent father behind the iron railings of the prison window The man finally finds his daughter in a compulsory drug rehabilitation center He tries to control his grief and despair He tries his best to appear as a hopeful image He tries his best to awaken his daughter's desire for a better life As time went by her daughter's condition seemed to improve and her eyes were alive again All this gives a little comfort to the man who is looking forward to his daughter's return to his life and the beginning of a new life It was a sunny morning The man hardly slept all night He happily prepared his daughter's favorite meal and arrived at the detention center early in the morning It was the day when her daughter was released from prison He is looking forward to getting a new daughter ichgearmotorPresseportal
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