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Desperate Valley - A paradise _txt novel ...

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Desperate Valley - A paradise _txt novel ...
"It seems that the world is really in chaos for a small tribe like us who live in the wilderness all the year round but in the end there is such a disaster" The fifth uncle in the village sighed and then his eyes were sharp "Everyone dies" he said "My people will show their ambition with blood If there are no cowards they will all die in battle!" "Fight even if all die fight with them!" Below in the ancient village both men and water filling machine children roared loudly even three-year-old dolls waving small sticks eyes full of indomitable "Well said there has never been a coward in our race At the worst we will all die in battle and fight with them!" In the distance between a cliff two old people rose to the sky and flew over There are many obstinate people in the poor mountains and rivers As expected only in this uncivilized place can the folkway be so tough Old Thirteen of the Wangs sneered It's really not easy A small village has three great talents which is really scary Fortunately we are well prepared otherwise we may suffer a small loss Let's do it Kill all of them and wash the village in blood As for the ancient scriptures of the sages it is enough to leave an immortal primordial spirit Finally the Wangs were about to start the sky rumbled with thunder in addition to seven warships there were dozens of chariots which were full of monks And in those gaps there are many strong people hanging in the air the sky is full of people everywhere Dark clouds rolled drums of war shook the sky was about to break flags fluttered beasts neighed iron clothes flashed as if a hundred heavenly soldiers were coming

A vast breath surged and the murderous look swept in all directions like a vast ocean flooding the whole ancient mountains Far in the sky there are monks watching the battle all surprised the royal family of Kitahara actually put out such a big formation is really if the extermination comes do not want to let a person go The seven warships meant that the royal family of Kitahara had seven high-status and frightening figures coming here at least extremely powerful It is a rare big move in recent years to send out so many chariots and strong people just to destroy a small tribe Ah The Beverage packing machine fifth granduncle in the ancient village was blood-stained in the sky After being attacked by two warships for a long time he coughed up blood The patched sackcloth turned into fly ash and he fell down The fifth granduncle! Many people in the village cried out and even many children of two or three years old clenched their fists with tears in their eyes Bang! The ninth granduncle in the village also suffered heavy losses was shot down by two warships the body was almost penetrated not only the two terror figures of the magic attack but also the two warships of the terrible array of attacks Blood stained the sky the gray-haired old man also coughed up blood and fell down they did have a strong fighting force but the sky was blocked became a cage and many masters three old people are no match Only a seventh uncle is still supporting several times suffered a heavy blow but there is a magic thread jade clothes extremely tough can block the attack so that he was not pierced Fight fight with them!

Throughout the ancient village men and women old and young all shouted one by one with an angry expression picked up the two old people who had fallen in a pool of blood juice filling machine and the people who could fly took them to break through Even very small children who were carried on their backs by adults cried out "Spell for them and avenge the grandparents!" "Whoo fight with them!" The same is true of some little girls holding weapons in their hands and crying on their parents In this ancient village all people are not afraid of death showing the color of perseverance to perish with others and rush to the sky together All of them were of one mind and faced death unflinchingly They were all fearless and extremely solemn and stirring Even if all the villagers died in battle no one would yield and beg for mercy A group of uncivilized primitive people really do not know whether to live or die Since you want to die I will help you "Old Wang 17 sneered again and again By this time he had already freed his hand and pressed it down with one hand to shatter everyone" Bang! With a roar the seventh granduncle in the ancient village flew over and got a slap on his back Boom! However immediately under the suppression of three warships this is not only the attack of three terrorist figures but also the power of ancient ships the power will be superimposed

In the end the seventh granduncle was also bleeding seriously injured and dying and fell into the air with his beard and hair open full of grief and indignation Granduncle! "Grandpa!" The people in the ancient village all cried out sadly and the men and women old and young who could fly flew to the sky together like moths to the fire roaring tragically The people of the royal family of Kitahara were cold and heartless Several big shots and many monks on the chariot as well as the masters all over the sky all made a move to suppress them together They wanted to wash the ancient village in blood and destroy everyone Ah water bottle packaging machine The fifth uncle the seventh uncle and the ninth uncle roared up to the sky bleeding from the corner of their eyes crossed the clansmen rushed up with their wounded bodies propped up a light curtain and blocked the devastating attack Barbarians come out of the remote countryside You savages are really not afraid of death I will help you Today you will be washed clean From now on not a blade of grass will grow here! Beiyuan Wang Jialao said cruelly Hum! In the sky eight warships dozens of chariots as well as all over the sky of the royal strong body iron clothes cold light flashing down to suppress The light curtain held up by the three old people burning Shouyuan in the ancient village could not be stopped at all and was about to break

All the people men and women old and young had tears in their eyes but they were full of indomitable spirit Go to hell The Wangs sneered The people below are desperate with unwilling with indomitable they would like to pull a few enemies to perish together but can not do full of regret Brother Dongfang will avenge us Several children cried and shouted The people of the Wang family of Kitahara go to hell! Suddenly there was a thunderbolt in the far sky a loud roar shattered a mountain range a figure with golden blood all over the sky almost to the extreme In the distance all the people watching the battle were frightened and they all went backwards at the first time fleeing as far as they could Because the person is too terrible all over the golden blood is like the sea the whole mountain range is submerged like a vast ocean surging Ah A long roar came in an instant and the speed of the man was creepy Boom! 。 gzxilinearPresseportal
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