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So what if you're my student?
In the dormitory at the beginning Zhao Shuiguang would say "Xu Ying do you still eat almonds" A bag of nuts stretched out in front of her Xu Ying was embarrassed to eat too much at first Zhao Shuiguang advised her to eat Later Xu Ying said "Zhao Shuiguang I'm hungry Where is your bag of almonds" You are so thick-skinned On the contrary Zhao Shuiguang would say "Xu Ying give me that bag of potato chips" If there is anything wrong that is Zhao Shuiguang is too lazy take her things no problem is to help her put back otherwise will certainly talk for a long time clothes and so on are all washed at home It was in this way that they had a grudge against her concealment in their hearts Everyone was so familiar with her wasn't it But heart to heart Xu Ying thought for their own such a situation is not so easy to say it The Vegetable oil filling machine people in the dormitory all moved the bench together so Zhao Shuiguang had to talk about it from the summer vacation when he graduated from high school to the present In fact she was very embarrassed to mention this kind of thing but there was no way After speaking Yang Yang grasped Zhao Shuiguang's hand and said "Xiaoguang you are too rich We will mix with you in the future" Zhao Shuiguang looked at Peng Xiaoxiao is also a face of excitement really have nothing to say anyway she is not a normal person they are not a normal person in a dormitory Comrade Zhao Shuiguang deeply believes this Many years later Zhao Shuiguang will still think of such a morning and the fresh morning light sprinkled into the dormitory at that time Tan Shumo accompanied the leaders of the hospital to do a reception visit and saw off the visitors

Passing by the gymnasium I happened to see that the child was taking an elective course of physical education inside and a row of people were standing there playing Tai Chi He remembered that last time Zhao Shuiguang went to his office to play after physical education class He lay on the sofa and hammered his legs He complained "If I had known I wouldn't choose Tai Chi I would have told you that the teacher was too ruthless He ran four laps at the beginning and did frog jumping!"! Look I've been trained by him to be Schwarzenegger! It's all muscle! He knew for a long time that long-distance running was the child's hard injury Seeing her hammering and beating he couldn't help smiling He dropped his pen and said "Where is the muscle Let me see" He walked up to her and made a gesture to lift her clothes Zhao Shuiguang was so frightened that he jumped up and said "Teacher Tan come on I'll give you a gesture" She stood on her feet and said "Draw a big watermelon" She drew a circle in the air and muttered "Half for you" She cut it vertically in the air with one hand and pushed half to the left Then she said "Half for me" Before he had finished he shouted "It stinks I'm going to take a shower!" Run out the door like a little hamster Talking about the book Mo leaned back on the sofa and covered his face with a low smile The child was afraid and did he have to do it so deliberately that he was afraid of hurting his self-esteem This is so funny It was a long time ago and now that I think of it I'm still smiling He stood in the distance squinting watching the child draw a big watermelon in the air

He couldn't help smiling at the corners of his mouth Now he's doing much better than he did at that time Is this the child Tan Shumo turned around with a smile and saw the fat dean standing behind him Edible oil filling machine smiling at the place he had seen in the gymnasium Tan Shumo nodded and shouted "Qian Lao" Dean Qian was an elder he was very familiar with In private he always called him "Qian Lao" President Qian is more than fifty years old and he is able to achieve this position in the hospital After all he has some ability He has seen many storms and naturally he has a calm and relaxed atmosphere When President Qian went north to study he was taken in by Tan Zhongqi the grandfather of Tan Shumo He was able to worship under the door of a literary master like Tan Zhongqi President Qian remembered this kind of kindness all his life Later he learned that Tan Shumo was actually the second grandson of the old man Tan Zhongqi President Qian wished he could work hard to promote Tan Shumo and repay him However he did not expect that he was so proud He applied for the project and did all the research on the paper himself without any trick He could not help feeling that he was born in an aristocratic family and really had the style of his grandfather and father President Qian is not in a hurry Such talents can be absorbed into their Institute and it is only a matter of time before they become famous Sure enough Tan Shu-mo's economic papers have been published overseas one after another President Qian also knows privately that Tan Shu-mo is also a hot figure in the industry as a consultant sighing that the waves behind the Yangtze River drive on the waves before

Can not think such a God's favored son would actually spread such rumors Qian Dean is not believed but he is an experienced person from a distance to see the usual fervent eyes he was surprised Qian Dean "Small Mo you also are I see big recently some hearsay do not please very much" Talking about the light eyes of calligraphy and ink as always "Old money I have a sense of propriety" Smiled "The school does not allow teachers and students together right" Qian Dean "cough" next see the face of the young man strategizing say "Talk about a teacher I also am experienced person you this is why A bright future provides people CSD filling line with a handle for no reason Talking about books and ink didn't even blink He said without hesitation "Old Qian I understand what you said I just made a choice that ordinary people should make If it's true as you said it only shows that what we are looking at is not knowledge but my private affairs about books and ink It's better to get out as soon as possible" Think about it and say "Thank you Mr Qian I can tell what is the most cherished" Talking about books and ink didn't want to be a teacher all the time at the beginning but he couldn't bear to part with Zhao Shuiguang He was an arrogant man and there was nothing to be afraid of Today's situation was also in his expectation

If he really couldn't be a teacher with his experience of talking about books and ink he really didn't have to worry about finding a place to go Seeing that he was so calm Dean Qian had a headache The most difficult thing was to meet such a person who was not surprised by honor or disgrace He really didn't know what could move him He patted him on the shoulder and quickly said "Xiao Mo I didn't mean that either But the other party is just a child Is it worth it" President Qian's marriage in that era was the order of his parents He had a skilled wife not to mention much love But life is not to live A man has a stable family which makes people feel that he is a responsible person and his career will be flourishing He really doesn't understand what's wrong with young people nowadays Love comes and goes He thought that talking about books and ink was a clear person I didn't think it would be like this He wanted to say what does a little girl like that know After listening to the words of the book ink naturally understand that she is not light in the heart of the book ink changed the subject gzxilinearPresseportal
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