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The Emperor of Joy
At the age of ten she understood for the first time that there was such a relationship between men and women in this world It was a completely different relationship from the father and his concubines But she couldn't tell what was different I just have a vague feeling in my heart that it should be a big difference In my memory in the days before I was fourteen years old the sky was pure blue and the walls of the vermilion palace were high and heavy but they could not stop her thoughts let alone her heart Not without hope perhaps in the future can meet a man like in the book perhaps can also have such a blushing heartbeat of the bottle blowing machine tangled feelings Hold your hand and grow old with you So strange eight words but let her yearn for Now that I think about it all those days that are simple hazy and do not know what they are are the best Only when she was fourteen years old her sky suddenly collapsed Nine days of closure ten palaces all of them are plain overnight The blue sky of the past is gone forever leaving only dark clouds on the sky pressing her heart again and again So unprepared he went up to the Jiuchong Hall and sat on the high seat that millions of people admired and coveted

In the main hall watching the courtiers below kowtow three times and bow nine times listening to them shout three times long live then in that moment her former heart died From then on there is no other thought no more beautiful thoughts Any genius any beauty all have nothing to do with her All the men around her only the difference between loyalty and treachery only the difference between mediocrity that piece of skin under the surface what is hidden she has to distinguish she has to determine And what about her in their eyes Above women there is the name of the emperor The gully between men and women was cut off No matter which man is in front of her he can't believe his heart Rivers and mountains are in hand but the bottom of my heart seems to be empty This day is hard at first but slowly I get used to it I thought I was used to it but I never thought I could meet him This encounter will be ten years of deep thoughts hidden in the heart clatter all out I met him at the corner of the street I drank with him at Feng Le Lou and I talked with him in this house And at this time he was so pulled the top of the head is the dark blue sky the foot is the primrose gravel unexpectedly will go to that dark place but so calm The heart is in the chest empty beating one after another What does this feel like What is it He Xi suddenly stopped moved his hand to her thin wrist and pulled her to his side Only then did Ying Huan come to his senses and see that there was light in the darkness of his eyes His thin lips were curved and he was smiling at her He Xi slightly loosened her hand pushed aside the tree fork on her head and said in a low voice "I didn't even look ahead when

I was walking My pretty face was almost scratched" Ying Huan looked up only to find that she had almost hit the old tree slanting out of the broken hard branches only to find that they had come here Looking back the shadow of the lantern was already gone PET blowing machine and it was estimated that he had gone elsewhere to continue his search He Xi two steps forward through the moonlight you can see the front is a courtyard a small hall in front of the room there are no weeds in front of the door clean presumably this place usually is often cleaned Ying Huan didn't expect that he didn't know the way to the house but he could lead her here He closed his hand gently and the warm breath in his palm was still there which he left behind Her heart under a sigh is not an act of God Then he stepped forward reached out and pushed the door open and then turned to look at him "This room" Actually I don't come here very often It's just some old things He Xi's expression moved slightly and followed her into the hall It was so dark that he could not tell what was in the room Ying Huan raised his hand to touch the fire fold from the window lifted the lid and blew gently and the flames lit up in clusters She went over and lit several candlesticks in the room The yellow light flickered He Xi's eyes narrowed for a moment and then she got used to the light There is nothing special about a few simple decorations and rows of books in the corner of the wall He Xi looked at him briefly and then his eyes moved to Ying Huan's face only to see that she was looking at him with a smile on her lips He couldn't help laughing He had never done such a thing with a woman in his life Just can not control their own impulse do not want to let her go just pulled her all the way so far came here

Slightly gasp looking at her the bottom of my heart filled with fog wish I could take her back to Ye Qi at this time from then on hidden in the inner palace leaving him alone to touch If I could see her every day I would think it would be fascinating He Xi felt a shock in his heart and saw her every day Why would he have such an idea Woman It is impossible for him to have such a long love for a woman He knows himself best The previous thought liquid bottle filling machine must have been impulsive Just his identity and when to tell her Ying Huan closed the fire and put it aside "What is Mr He thinking about" He Xi walked over to her "thinking of you" Ying Huan's face blushed faintly and the rude and explicit words came out of his mouth but they did not feel obscene at all but made her heart move On second thought her hand was held by him again and slowly clenched His long and wide cuffs hung down and the cold silk brocade swept between her wrists and when he moved it itched Ying Huan lowered his head and chuckled stretched out his other hand and rolled up his sleeve The volume suddenly froze her there Under the inky robe it turned out to be bright yellow inside That yellow does not look like the pure gold does not look like the color

But it's so familiar Ying Huan felt cold and hard in her heart She looked up at He Xi again and saw that he had stopped smiling and was staring at her He Xi's big palm suddenly closed and clenched her hand into the palm of his hand Just then tell her! He opened his mouth and was about to speak when he suddenly saw the words hanging on the wall behind her That post Every word is like a knife making public and domineering It was obviously a good word but it made his breath tense for a moment He has seen the handwriting What was reflected in his mind was that day when Gu Qin returned from Tai and presented him with the paper in the hall Desolation is why desolation fornication is why fornication and the human way of fornication is fornication which is sad and ridiculous Those nineteen characters were exactly the same as the one in front of us! gzxilinearPresseportal
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