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Rebirth of Hokage
Hearing the familiar voice and noticing the adult chasing after another figure they finally realized that something was wrong! If not how could they behave like this Lord Qingyuan who is known for his kindness! Come on go upstairs and see what's going on! I'll find someone to inform the village of the situation here! …… Dark injury 2 "Stop!" 'Pedal! Pedal! ' After two sounds two clear footprints appeared on the strong trunk and then two figures quickly disappeared into the woods one after the other Chasing closely behind the man Inoue Qingyuan still felt a little trance What the hell is wrong with him Why are you Blowing Filling Capping combiblock so angry because of a few words from the other side! He couldn't figure it out no matter how he thought about it This man is actually right those patients are neither his relatives nor his friends since only strangers he is so angry for what! Desperately shook his head all these cranky thoughts out at this critical moment is not the time to think about these issues but a bad one will make a human life!

All the way they had left the residential area of Konoha Village and came to the woods on the edge of the village The place was dark and cool and if it weren't for the moonlight it would be difficult to walk normally After running for so long Inoue Qingyuan has completely lost interest in this game of chasing each other He was not going to waste any more time on this man and he decided to make a quick decision! I saw Qingyuan quickly use Chakra to form six special thousand copies 'whoosh!' As soon as he raised his hands the six pale blue transparent things stabbed the man's back in an instant The man who was running at a high speed in front of him suddenly seemed to feel threatened and suddenly stopped and turned in a dangerous direction to avoid the six things that were about to stick into his back 'Knock knock knock! ' After a few sounds the six thousand books with faint blue light were nailed to the tree The masked man stared at something on the trunk for a long time before he turned around in the surprised eyes of Inoue Qingyuan Qingyuan Jun I suddenly found that you are a good opponent Maybe on you I can try something else "What!" In his low voice the man actually attacked! Spin your body and take out your palm! Although the opponent's speed is good he is not a vegetarian! No matter how strong the man is he can't be his opponent Because from the moment they met they had already won or lost! From time to time sparks flashed in the dark woods and the sound of fists feet and swords clashing came from there The two men who were fighting each other surprisingly did not use Ninjutsu and unanimously chose the strategy of hand-to-hand combat Qingyuan is because the opponent rarely wants to try his own strength but what is the reason for this man

But it's no use thinking so much so let him finish the battle quickly! Having made up his mind Inoue Qingyuan sidestepped his opponent's foot and stood with his palm like a knife to the back of the man's neck like lightning Blowing Filling Capping combiblock However the other side apparently discovered his plan and dodged it directly along the posture of kicking Then the man put one hand on the ground his right leg on the ground instantly swept Qingyuan down and at the same time his right hand pressed down on Qingyuan's chest Not good Seeing that the man's right hand was about to hit him Qingyuan decisively threw out the sword in his hand Sure enough! The man chose to retreat when his right hand could be said to have been imprinted on Qingyuan's chest Taking advantage of this rare opportunity Qingyuan quickly turned up from the ground But what did he see! Why did this man put away his posture Isn't he going to keep fighting! "It's over" "Mmm!"! What do you mean! The man shook his head and pointed to his chest and continued

"Qingyuan Jun as an excellent medical ninja haven't you found the problem here" The problem here What Inoue Qingyuan was a little confused and immediately noticed that his body was wrong The muscles inside his body were cut off by this man Is this man also a medical ninja! Qingyuan Jun I have to admit that your physical skills are excellent and your medical ninjutsu is unparalleled But At this point the tone of the man's voice suddenly changed and there was a trace of regret in his voice But your combat experience is too poor I had at least three chances to kill you in that fight So your failure in fact is not wrong "My water bottling line failure" Inoue Qingyuan while listening to his opponent's words began to deal with the internal injuries of the body but the internal muscle injuries of the body can not be cured in a short time This man is right He doesn't have much actual combat experience Usually in addition to practicing with his father the most is a set of tricks with Chen In a real life-and-death struggle how can you win over an experienced veteran Qingyuan

Jun it seems that you should understand what I mean "So what if you understand" Qingyuan looked at the man who seemed to have defeated him with some amusement but he did not intend to fight back now he would like to hear what the man had to say Don't you think life here is too dull As a ninja you should always be surrounded by blood and fire and look here Don't you think this village has been gradually corrupted "This village will definitely go to extinction soon with its pretentious top management and unmotivated subordinates" And you should also know that there is no room for a genius like you in this village and it is your best choice to leave this place that will eventually decline "Get out of here" Hear here Inoue Qingyuan suddenly came to interest he has faintly guessed the identity of this man from his just move and the reason why he hurt people he has roughly guessed the purpose of this man gzxilinearPresseportal
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