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Demon Doctor Qingcheng, the Best Concubine of the Ghost King

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Demon Doctor Qingcheng, the Best Concubine of the Ghost King
A Luo is really careful even if she used a lot of medicine to dilute the taste of blood a Luo still noticed something was wrong A Luo nods write a line of words "I already let Iraqi person check the thing today" Bai Ziqi nods eye ground is a little cold "After checking out tell me" Those who dare to poison her will bear her anger A Luo Yes! A Luo withdrew from the room and took the snake-repelling powder taken out by the breeze to the door As soon as she opened the door a tall figure appeared out of the blue making her almost draw her sword Fortunately when he held the hilt of the sword in his hand he saw the man clearly It was Bai Yan who came He looked at Ah Luo's movements and frowned "Are you so vigilant" Although this can protect the master but they have seen so many times a Luo saw his first reaction was to juice filling machine draw a sword A Luo did not speak avoided him and sprinkled the snake repelling powder A Luo Bing's cold attitude Bai Yan also used to "I know the matter of Sha Ya yuan let me come to send a message is the third Miss Bai Yuerong did" A Luo's movement paused and nodded to indicate that he knew Then he stepped back into the yard and slammed the door Bai Yan who was almost caught in the nose "… …"

Bai Yan thought he was cold enough but this Ah Luo was even colder than him as smelly and hard as a stone in a cesspool In addition to Ye only this Ah Luo will let him eat Bai Yan touched his nose with an expressionless face and turned away Bai Ziqi who got the answer had a flash of hostility in his eyes and sneered "Bai Yuerong very good" Although Bai Yuerong repeatedly contradicted Bai Ziqi but Bai Ziqi did not take it to heart she was not stingy enough to haggle over every ounce with an eleven-year-old child But now Bai Yuerong has been noisy! Zuo Xiangfu Since Bai Qingqing came back he bit his lips and did not speak His pale face and aggrieved eyes were already painful enough Along the way Bai Yuerong and Bai Qingqing did not say a word But seeing Bai Qingqing like this Bai Yuerong still came over Eldest sister Bai Yuerong has found a reason for Bai Qingqing to beat her and this reason is Bai Ziqi! Yes it's all because of Bai Ziqi Before Bai Ziqi did not appear the elder sister could not bear to move even a hair of her In order to stop Bai Yuerong Bai Qingqing laid a heavy hand on her Now there are five red fingerprints on Bai Yuerong's face which makes Bai Qingqing feel slightly guilty "Yuerong elder sister didn't mean it Does it still hurt" Bai Yuerong pursed her lips "It hurts a little" "Yuerong don't confront your second sister in the future" Bai Qingqing smiled bitterly "Today" At the mention of Bai Ziqi Bai Yuerong exploded

"It's all because of her Otherwise elder sister you would have become a princess" And that big prince it's too much to watch you being bullied In Bai Yuerong's eyes Bai Qingqing's voice and appearance are perfect and she is the first beauty in the imperial capital All men should take care of her But don't worry sister water filling machine I've punished Bai Ziqi Bai Yuerong smiled proudly Bai Qingqing was startled "What did you do" She ordered Qingya to give her an aphrodisiac incense today Although she was called by the queen to go to the Showa Palace Pian'er had already told her what had happened behind her Bai Ziqi who had inhaled the aphrodisiac fragrance had nothing to do but there was a scandal in Qingya It seems that he was seen through by Bai Ziqi Along the way Bai Qingqing also reflected that she had made a mistake in this move Bai Ziqi knows medicine and medicine but she foolishly chose what Bai Ziqi is best at Eldest sister Speaking of what she had done Bai Yuerong was complacent and resentful "I had someone catch a big bag of poisonous insects and throw them into her yard while Bai Ziqi was away" Bai Yuerong's original intention was to poison Bai Ziqi but Bai Ziqi knew medical skills so she turned her target to the servants Especially the mother and son of Qingfeng who was scolded by her father last time must be bitten to death! Bai Yuerong thought viciously Sister if she embarrasses you I will poison her servants Bai Qingqing breathed a sigh of relief not only did she not worry about the viciousness of Bai Yuerong but she was glad that Yuerong had not laid hands on Bai Ziqi It's nothing to kill one or two servants Yue Rong Bai Qingqing's beautiful eyes were full of waves She opened her mouth "You and the elder sister went over and apologized to the second sister for the palace" Bai Yuerong opened her eyes wide and was about to refuse subconsciously when she listened to Bai Qingqing

"Yue Rong the second sister has the support of His Highness the Ghost King You have to get rid of the relationship first You can't let the second sister feel that you did it" Bai Qingqing painstakingly opened his mouth Show kindness to Bai Ziqi first so liquid bottle filling machine that Bai Ziqi can't send it out even if he is in trouble Bai Yuerong still didn't want to agree Zhou Yirou came in from the outside and said "Your elder sister is right Let Bai Ziqi suffer unspeakably" …… After Bai Ziqi slept it was already evening Even after taking the medicine for invigorating Qi and blood she still felt very weak Bai Ziqi is extremely helpless It seems that he has to take it easy in the future It will take at least half a year to raise him back Miss are you awake "Wake up" Bai Ziqi opened the door and saw Aunt Hao standing outside with a smile on her face As expected her blood had an effect as the book said and the three of Aunt Hao had all woken up and nothing had happened To be on the safe side Bai Ziqi reconfirmed "Aunt Hao do you still have any discomfort"

Aunt Hao shook her head "We feel better than before Miss's medicine is really useful" Bai Ziqi smiled and said "It's good to be useful In the future some insect repellent powder will be sprinkled regularly in the courtyard What happened today will not happen again" This is also her negligence did not expect Bai Yuerong will be insane to such an extent "By the way Miss just now the prime minister's mansion sent a message asking you to go over for dinner" Bai Ziqi's eyes flashed with light Since she lived in Sha Ya yuan Zuo Xiangfu had never asked her to go back for dinner Okay I'll go there now Bai Ziqi changed into a dark dress so as not to be found bleeding from the wound later Zuo Xiangfu is brightly lit and there are many servants so it looks particularly brilliant In contrast Sha Ya yuan is slightly deserted Chapter 112 of the main text another day In the hall a table of sumptuous dishes only four people Bai Yuerong is pulling Bai yuanjin to act like a spoiled child Bai Qingqing and Zhou Yirou laugh beside Looking at the past it is really a happy family gzxilinearPresseportal
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