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September Eagle Fly
Guo Ding gritted his teeth turned around and grabbed her knife He did not take her knife but his other hand was clasped behind her left neck like lightning Ding Linglin's eyes suddenly straightened and she fell down There was no one on all sides and the frost on the roof was as white as silver Ding Linglin's call unexpectedly did not alarm the Jade Xiao Taoist Guo Ding has picked up Ling Lin he is anxious to go back to see Ye Kai's injury has ultrasonic molten metal ignored the suspicion of men and women But there was no one in the room There are no living people Han Zhen who had been sleeping in a coma had been nailed to her bed by a long sword The blood on the ground had congealed and it was Ye Kai's blood There was also blood on the corner of the table which was also Ye Kai's blood But Ye Kai has disappeared and so has Cui Yuzhen Whose sword is it Who did this to you Why do you want to kill a man who is half dead Where did Ye Kai go Could it be that Cui Yuzhen had brought him back to Wang Xiao Taoist In any case he is doomed The room is small but it is very clean There was a small wooden cabinet in the corner of the room which was locked and a bronze mirror was placed on the dressing table beside it The cold wind made the window paper rustle the curtain hung on the door and the fragrance of medicine came from outside the door Ye Kai is not dead

He had woken up and when he woke up he found himself in such a place Then he found himself lying naked on the bed covered with three thick quilts The wound on his chest had been bound up with a white cloth and it was well bound up Who bandaged him What the hell is this place He wanted to sit up but there seemed to be a knife in his chest and when he moved it hurt so much that his whole body seemed to tear He wanted to shout but by this time the curtain had been lifted and a man had come in slowly with a bowl of medicine Cui Yuzhen She had taken off her Taoist robe and was dressed in ultrasonic spray nozzle a blue cloth dress Her eyebrows were lightly swept and she did not apply makeup but there was a deep sadness between her eyebrows Seeing that Ye Kai had woken up her eyebrows had opened How did I get here Ye Kai asked this sentence immediately found that this is nonsense of course Cui Yuzhen will save him here Cui Yuzhen had come over and gently put the medicine bowl on the small table beside the bed Her every movement looked so gentle that she was no longer the female Taoist who twisted her waist with the sound of the flute Ye Kai looked at her suddenly had a very safe feeling the heart has also settled down But he couldn't help asking "What is this place" Cui Yuzhen hung his head and blew the medicine gently It took him a long time to answer "It's someone else's home" "Whose house is it" "He is a businessman in the tea business" "Do you know him" Asked Ye Kai Cui Yuzhen did not answer this but said softly "You are badly hurt I am afraid that the Taoist Yuxiao will come so

I have to take you away quickly" She is a very careful woman very thoughtful If Ye Kai had stayed in that room he might have been nailed to the bed by a long sword sonicator homogenizer "But the first time I went to Chang'an" said Cui Wangzhen "I didn't know anyone It was just dawn I really didn't know where I should take you" "So you broke into this man's house" Asked Ye Kai Cui Yuzhen nodded and said "This is a very ordinary small family Absolutely no one thought you would be here" "Of course you don't recognize the master here" said Ye Kai Cui Yuzhen had to admit "I don't know" She said she didn't know anyone in Chang'an "Where are they now" Asked Ye Kai Cui Yuzhen hesitated and after a long time he said softly "I've killed him" She hung her head and did not dare to look at Ye Kai She was afraid that Ye would scold her at the meeting But Ye Kai didn't even say a word He is not the kind of sanctimonious Taoist gentleman he knows that if it were not for Cui Yuzhen he would not know who died now There are a lot of people who want to kill him in Chang'an A half-baked woman risking her life to save him and taking care of him wholeheartedly killed him for his safety How can he have the heart to scold her How can he scold her Cui Yuzhen said "When I broke in there were two people sleeping on the bed I thought they were a couple"

"Ye Kai finally couldn't help asking" Aren't they " Cui Yuzhen shook her head and said "The woman is more than thirty years old but the man is only seventeen or eighteen at most I forced them to ask and the child told the truth" It turned out that the husband had gone to other places to buy tea and the wife seduced the apprentice who worked as a handyman in their home Cui Yuzhen's face seemed a little red then said "These two people ultrasonic welding transducer betrayed their husband one betrayed his master so I will kill them I" I just hope you don't think I'm a ruthless woman Ye Kai looked at her and suddenly there was an indescribable taste in his heart She had done these things for him and risked so much for him but she did not want him to thank her let alone repay her Her only hope was that he would not think less of her His opinion is so important to her Ye Kai couldn't help sighing and said softly "I hope you understand one thing too" "What is it" Ye Kai said "If anyone thinks you are doing something wrong and that you are a ruthless woman that person must be a hypocrite and a big bastard" He smiled and said "I hope you believe me I'm not such a bastard" Cui Yuzhen smiled and when she smiled it was as if winter had passed and spring had arrived The medicine is ready for you Will you drink it She picked up Ye Kai and like a mother coaxing a child fed him the bowl of medicine in one mouthful This is my own medicine

I dare not go to the doctor I am afraid that others will find out your whereabouts from the doctor's mouth She is really a very careful woman and she is very thoughtful at every point Ye Kai looked at her filled with warmth and gratitude and said with a smile "It's really luck that I met you You seem to be able to imagine everything" Cui Yuzhen hesitated and suddenly said "But I still can't figure out why she wanted to kill you" Ye Kai's smile faded fycgsonicPresseportal
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wow never knew about this before, thanks for sharing! Danny
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