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"Dead" Mu Nu Jiao watched the huge object collapse and breathed a sigh of relief It's over this battle is finally over! "Did we win" Jiang Yu said in disbelief The body of the giant tentacle demon is difficult to preserve in this world and its bones begin to dissipate as soon as they collapse Its remnant soul is taken away directly by Mo Fan with the present level of small loach the remnant soul of the commanding level will not have the opportunity to turn over at all it will not be long before it will be taken to condense become a part of the energy of strengthening Mo Fan Xingzi and the Pharaoh's spring Mo Fan is more impossible to let go! Small loach crazily suck is really nothing left to Egypt Pharaoh's spring filled in the body of small loach small loach rare glow out of a majestic light and the past ultrasonic cutting machine black autumn temperament is very different! Natural double department consumption of resources and consumption of practice time is huge there is no small loach fall Mo Fan estimates that now is still wandering in the middle so see the promotion of small loach fall Mo Fan will know that the next time to repair for the advance by leaps and bounds! "How could"

How is it possible Naivru stood there without a ghost all over his body He sat on the ground out of his mind never thinking that even the big tentacle demon could not help Mo Fan After all where we are strong is the tactics of the Sea of the Dead which mainly consumes them Mios said Greece and Britain both have top players and they also have the ability to deal with the big tentacle but they can't deal with the undead sea tactics Mo Fan this guy is now ranked first in the strongest mage he can slaughter the big touch insect demon is not an incredible thing the Egyptians were Mo Fan saw through the Pharaoh's spring they are doomed to have no possibility of winning this final struggle is just unwilling to blame! The Fountain of the Pharaohs was all taken away and even though the five of them still had other abilities they had no fighting spirit at all To put aside the ability of the undead how can they play in Egypt to the present ranking Mo Fan alone can clean up their team playing is really meaningless! "We lost" "I'm so unwilling that I can take the first place!" "We should have stopped when we got this place The third place is not bad At least the Fountain of Pharaohs is still there" In this final the team that directly skips the final will be the first one if it wins the final but if it loses it will be recognized as the third one and the second one will be selected from the three-way team Now they have lost and come in third The third reward is generous but for them the disappearance of the Fountain of Pharaohs is a fatal blow "China win!" "The Chinese team ranks first!" With the solemn reading of the main referee the salute that Venice had already prepared rose into the air and the colorful brilliance was reflected on the faces of every member of the Chinese team "Oh we won we won!!!" "Mo Fan Mo Fan you are so ***ing amazing!!!"

Jiang Yu and Zhao Manyan two people excited directly to carry Mo Fan up Mo Fan did not have the slightest precaution thought the two men would carry themselves to a group of girls crazy for themselves who knows they threw themselves into the sea ultrasonic sonochemistry machine Ha ha ha ha cool! The two men immediately jumped down and the cold water could not cool them down at all and the excitement and ecstasy made their bodies burn As soon as these two neuropathies took the lead the rest of the team rushed over and jumped into the sea one by one chasing Mo Fan turning the joy that could not be expressed in words into a hearty toss in the sea regardless of men and women! "You are all good!" Feng Li and Song He stood on the shore looking at their excited appearance but also can not help but remember their young situation this honor is too rare for them at a young age this victory is even more exciting so that Feng Li Song He are some palpitations Good job what Come down together! Mo Fan is also no big no small directly used the mind control to seal from and pine crane respectively a catch the two of them together into the sea The two men were really unprepared but even if they were they did not want to refuse the enthusiasm

Yes what does it matter to be old the heart is not old but also with the impossible question the desire for victory that is the same live passionate!!! After the two mentors were dragged into the water more people jumped down and reveled in the water to celebrate the rare victory Did the snow of Mu Ning come down "What do you want to do I tell you don't try to wipe her oil happy to be happy don't think I won't stamp your salty pig hand!" Mo ultrasonic dispersion machine Fan said angrily Where do you want to go I just think if she comes down everyone will be an ice sculpture "She will be very happy to know that we have won In other words I have never seen her smile She is so beautiful She must look better when she smiles" "Yes without her we could not have won today's victory" Chapter 1154 of the main text Zhao Manyan's mind Updated 2016-08-01 014904 Words 2353 …… ……

In the next few days everyone was completely liberated Venice was a city full of charm After the Armageddon was over they could also revel in the water of Venice for several days and nights 0 They are all young people and their indulgence is boundless People with Mo Fan's constitution have been drunk all day Unfortunately alcohol is basically ineffective for Mu Ningxue Otherwise they can take advantage of that happy energy to do it for her If the rice is cooked there won't be too many moths! Mo Fan to Mu Ningxue's state of mind has always been can be tough not soft down appropriate use of some means and so on that is also possible otherwise really do not know when to delay to Xiu Zhengguo he has been quite honest to her! "Damn I vomited to death What kind of wine did Jiang Yu's bird man introduce to us It tastes like cow dung boiled water It has such great staying power I almost did it to a dancer in her forties That will be the pain of my life!" Zhao Manyan finally woke up and shouted abuse fycgsonicPresseportal
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wow never knew about this before, thanks for sharing! Danny
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