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Archaic God King

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Archaic God King
"Yunxi it's good that you know about it" Qin Wentian smiled at Nan Huang Yunxi but didn't say much Nan Huang Yunxi nodded with a smile and said "Now Emperor Dongsheng doesn't even know how Dong Shengting died Did you do it on purpose" "You guess" Qin Wentian and Nanhuang Yunxi looked mobile racking systems at each other everything was in silence Nanhuang Yunxi naturally understood that she would not mention this matter outside after all she was also a participant in the death of Dongshengting and Ziyunwu Qin asked the day eyes flashed a cold awn he did so is to east saint immortal emperor and purple emperor even their descendants are not know how to die he did not directly in that kill east saint court and purple cloud Wu although he has offended the two immortal emperor but whether east saint immortal emperor or purple emperor there is still a line at least the two immortal emperors will not personally kill him

The East Immortal Emperor did not kill him personally mainly because the immortal emperors on both sides of the battle between the Qianbian Immortal Gate and the East Immortal Gate could not intervene otherwise the Qianbian Emperor could also kill his people followed by taking into account a little identity Purple emperor does not personally is there is no reason to kill him personally he Qin Wentian only in the city of the ancient emperor defeated purple Daoyang he purple emperor let people can go down but an emperor because of this matter personally killed the thousand change emperor's disciple Qin Wentian how do people in the immortal land look at him purple emperor Qin Wentian asked for a reason to let the East Immortal Emperor and the Purple Emperor kill him personally And if they witnessed the death of Dong Shengting and Ziyun Wu in the hands of his Qin Wentian this reason is enough even as a figure of the emperor may also kill Qin Wentian at the expense of identity in that case he will put himself in a very dangerous situation can not do so Qin Wentian will naturally avoid putting himself in too dangerous situation This is the reason why Qin Wentian asked Emperor Tian to come here When Dongshengting wanted to kill him in the ancient mountains he had the same idea so that Dongshengting could not go out After that Emperor Tian could disappear again Dongshengxian Emperor and Purple Emperor could not find anyone No one knew that Emperor Tian was him The only person who knew that they were connected was the Emperor Shengzong who had been destroyed Saint When they were moving in the ancient mountains there was a sound coming from them It was the strong man who had guarded Nanhuang Yunxi before When she saw that Nanhuang Yunxi and Qin Wentian were all well she immediately stepped forward Didn't the rest come Nanhuang Yunxi asked Should still be fighting The man responded that after all the war between the two immortals was not over so soon Let's go back and see Nanhuang Yunxi opened his mouth and said and then drove the phoenix boat forward Sure enough they met a group of strong people on the way Are you all right The disciple of Tianfu wearing the light of diamond armor saw Qin Wentian return and asked Isn't that great Qin Wentian shrugged his shoulders and laughed Where are Dong Shengting and the people of the Purple Emperor The man asked as he fought East saint on the body of the magic weapon is too powerful and there are many immortal soldiers I and Yunxi were all the way to kill but in a mess but the strong man with a mask is also an extraordinary figure he actually has a very powerful seal magic weapon can restrain the east saint drive in racking system that person should value the treasure of the east saint the east saint and Ziyun Wu to cut off the space is sealed I think Dongshengting may be doomed Qin Wentian said in a loud voice as if deliberately telling the people of the East Holy Immortal Gate and the Purple Emperor Sure enough their faces changed A strong man from the East Immortal Gate said coldly "Your Highness's magic weapon was deliberately given to him by the Immortal Emperor How can it be restrained Don't talk nonsense here" Qin Wentian gave the man a sarcastic glance and said "I'm not talking to you What are you talking about" As for Dong Shengting you can think whatever you want He is unique in the world No one can beat him You can wait for him to come back The man saw Qin Wentian's sarcastic smile and changed his expression "Let's go" he said As he spoke all the people around him attacked frantically and pulled away Then all of them retreated steadily in one direction Then they flashed away at the same time Qin Wentian came back Dong Shengting and Ziyunwu did not appear There was something wrong about it Elder Martial Brother Qin In the distance the figures of Jun Mengchen and Purgatory twinkled as well as the strong men of Nanhuang

"Why aren't they fighting" "Dong Shengting is in trouble" Qin Wentian smiled and before that he said to Qin Wentian that the disciple of Tianfu who had hunted Dongshengting had taken a deep look at him but he didn't say anything Let's continue to set out Many people have gone deep into the ancient mountains Fighting here has delayed a lot of time Someone opened his mouth Qin Wentian took a look the people of the Jiang family are not there obviously to find the charm of the hand of God this is the purpose of their entry into the ancient mountain This ancient mountain is bottomless and mysterious Be careful Qin Wentian opened his mouth before he trapped and killed Dongshengting has gone deep into many places in the ancient mountains but still feel just like a corner this Yi emperor left a place of inheritance is not so simple! (End of this chapter) Chapter 1070 Yi Di Servant In the ancient mountains All the people more and more in-depth God hand villa gathered countless strong are waiting for the movement of the ancient mountain but that piece of the ancient mountain is completely silent even outside the ancient mountain can not hear any sound inside occasionally a few people come out are no harvest heavy duty rack manufacturers of martial life monks with disappointment Many people looked at Yu Di Yu Di calmly enjoyed the feast of immortals it seems that he has already prepared for a long wait here know the mystery of the ancient mountain I am afraid only Yu Di How deep is this ancient mountain The East Immortal Emperor asked the Feather Emperor with a faint coldness in his tone He was waiting for the mysterious man with a mask to come out and kill him to avenge the East Immortal Court But now it seems to be far away He simply doesn't want to wait for a moment He wants to fight into the ancient mountain If you can't get in I can't get in either How do I know The Feather Emperor responded faintly Pretending to be a ghost you built Shenshou Villa and guarded it for so many years You don't know the mystery of the ancient mountain Do you know how to step into the ancient mountain but deliberately conceal it The East Holy Immortal Emperor questioned jrackingPresseportal
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