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Crossing woman meets reborn man

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Crossing woman meets reborn man
What did they have to look forward to when they stayed in the backyard of the Jing'an Mansion The master was far away from the border and the big house was far away from them The young master of the second house only returned to the mansion once or twice a month and they had no chance asrs warehouse to get close to each other When she was old Third Daughter-in-law would give them a steward if she liked If she didn't like it she might send them to a boy who did menial work In the future there would be a time when Ming Yan's life is good with this opportunity can not do Zheng Shizi's room also refers to can not marry a minor official when the official wife of the main room As for her what hope was there for her to stay by Third Daughter-in-law's side locked up in the Pines Garden! Ming Yan's sudden departure immediately made Jing Yan's mind float Fu Yan walked in the direction of the flower hall in fact her heart is not so calm in appearance she did not envy Ming Yan at all!

It's just that he has another shadow in his heart and he's always calmer than Jing Yan At the thought of He Changdi's handsome figure jade appearance and the cold and melancholy temperament that inexplicably attracted him Fu Yan seemed to be trembling with excitement She would wait no matter how many years until the day the third young master came back Holding the letter in her hand she was not afraid of not being loved by the third young master Chu Lian lay on the soft bed holding the brocade quilt of light incense sleeping sweetly where there was time to take care of what these little girls in their yard were thinking In the next few days Chu Lian had been busy with the opening of Gui Lin Ju and time passed like running water In a twinkling of an eye there was only one day left before the opening of Gui Lin Ju on the first day of September Ming Yan stayed in Zheng Guogong Mansion to take care of the old Guogong's diet for five or six days Eating the delicious food cooked by Ming Yan himself the spirit of the old Zheng Guogong came back In just a few days his body recovered almost On the fourth day he was able to get out of bed and walk around On the sixth day he was able to play a set of Wuqinxi in the morning That day Zheng Shizi came to his grandfather's yard early in the morning Lao Guogong put on his bunt and prepared to do morning exercises Seeing his grandson coming he said cheerfully "Tiansheng come and fight with my grandfather" Hearing his grandfather's invitation Zheng Shizi grinned and showed his white teeth He untied his robe and threw it directly to Chang Sui beside him He strode to his grandfather's side and did morning exercises with Lao Guogong Boy come to Grandpa's yard so early but do you want to eat Old Guogong snorted Zheng Shizi is a poor mouth "or grandfather understand grandson but grandson today is not just for appetite" "Oh" What's the matter Say it The old Guogong was in high spirits and his fists were full of vigor He looked like he had just experienced life and death five or six days ago The weakness of the hospital bed after the hunger strike had completely disappeared The power of this food is really amazing "Third Daughter-in-law of the Chingan Mansion the restaurant of the King of Chinyi Township will open tomorrow Grandfather would like to go and have a look Grandson has just two invitations here" "Jinyi Xiangjun is the maid who came to your house with He Laotaijun that day" "Yes the beloved servant girl beside my grandfather is the one left behind by Jinyi Xiangjun" "That's interesting mobile racking systems Why don't you leave a note for Grandpa" Zheng Shizi raised his eyebrows with joy Grandparents and grandchildren fought for half an hour bathed under the service of the servants and the woman went into the main room to inform them that the food was ready Old Guogong took his grandson into the flower hall and saw that there were already several kinds of food on the table including steamed rice cakes steamed rolls steamed dumplings fried dough sticks and steaming porridge with lean meat The smell of food could be smelled at the door of the flower hall Grandparents and grandchildren were hungry They walked a few steps quickly and sat down at the table Old Guogong looked at the table full of all kinds of food that he had never seen before His eyes were shining with eagerness He glanced at Mingyan beside him "Mingyan tell me what these are" As soon as Lao Guogong asked Zheng Shizi turned his head and took a look at Ming Yan standing at the table Out of the corner of his eye Ming Yan lowered his head and found that Zheng Shizi was looking at her His cheeks immediately flushed but he still opened his mouth and explained softly "Back to Lao Guogong and Prince the plate on the edge is a golden double gun crisp outside and soft inside" Ming Yan's soft voice sounded in the flower hall but the more Zheng Shizi listened the more wrong he felt

This wench's introduction is good but the words did not mention Jinyi Xiangjun the meaning of her words is that these dishes are her own pondering how is this possible! Zheng Shizi slightly frowned and looked at Ming Yan when Ming Yan also looked at him a pair of big eyes full of affection such as eyes soft Zheng Shizi was stunned and the next moment he looked away Old Guogong is what kind of person these small actions have long fallen into his shrewd old eyes Chapter 105 Promotion Behind the old Guogong stood an old Mammy who was beside the old lady of Zheng Guogong who was also an old man These days the prince is early in the morning to the old Guogong here to eat A few days ago Jinyi Xiangjun left the servant girl who could cook but after delivering the food she silently retreated to the outer room waiting for the old Guogong to summon her to come in But since the prince came to Lao Guogong to eat in court the girl took someone to set the meal and stood at the table As soon as the prince came in her eyes seemed to fall on the prince heavy duty cantilever racks and she just ran with him The old Mammy simply sniffed at such an obvious thought These days the old Mammy also placed a hand want to take advantage of Ming Yan not to pay attention to follow her side to learn a move and a half But who knows that wench is also a thoughtful whenever cooking unexpectedly around people are driven out and then lock the door of the small kitchen would rather be smoky fire but also stick to every secret recipe do not let others go Old Guogong listened to Mingyan's introduction and waved to her "You go down" "Huh" Before Mingyan could react she was somewhat stupefied and said "Let the maidservant serve the Duke of Guo for dinner On weekdays in Jing'an Bo Mansion Xiangjun is also the most satisfied with the maidservant's service" Old Mammy sneers this time does not forget to mention Jinyi Xiangjun how just said those delicious food did not mention Xiangjun Old Guogong suddenly frowned at Mingyan a pair of eagle-like old eyes with sharp immediately let people have no escape jrackingPresseportal
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