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Mud Day
Self She boiled out a hot steaming towel and applied it to his old broken back She told him to cross his arms and legs Put it flat on the Kang She stood barefoot on the hot wet towel and jumped on the back of his waist She knows As soon as she stepped on it his hardened waist became much looser and lighter It burns on the soles of her feet every time A lot of blisters But she still stepped on it She burned the wall of twelve holes so that she dared not touch it heavy duty cantilever racks and she threw twelve handkerchiefs into it in turn Boil in a pot of boiling water Take turns beating him with these towels Force the cold out of his every sweat pore Sick Qi Mourning Qi and bad luck So the glistening sweat trickled down from his solid body over and over again and from his body Her round body trickled down She could even feel his sweat on top of hers She's still wrinkled Raise your eyebrows and hum freely The window pane separates the wind and snow outside The hot steam made them look even worse Clear the sharp points of trees and hills shaking in the wind and snow He knew she was smarter than he was She's too smart to ever let him think I'm stupid They didn't worship heaven and earth didn't change posts didn't ask for big coal didn't ask for a middleman did not blow a trumpet did not lift a sedan chair and did not hand in a cup But she never made him feel that they were just a couple of dew She can read his face but she never reads his face She always To know what will happen to others tomorrow and next year but she never said that tomorrow and next year will happen between him and her Give birth to something All she said to him was "Live a good life …" I'm always the mother of your doll

There's only one thing that makes him feel It's awkward She always wanted him to call her sister She is older than him but he can't say it At the end of the breakup I never called her that He felt sorry for her and hurt her heart I'm willing to call now the mother of the child the mother of the child I'm willing to call Where are you My name is Let me call you "Sister-" You answer answer me No one answered Empty and silent Later it was about the third day that the sky was put into the reed lake to look for Da Lai Niang On the head in the middle of the reed island it curled up A lot of black gas came out They cling low to the heights Chapter 10 reengineering The "Jingyi" inland river passenger ship stopped and glided gently across the last few meters of the channel where many vegetable skins were floating Cigarette case The water surface of wine bottles and yellow foam finally reached the south pier of Tiejiaodun in Wuyuan City smoothly Squeeze the hull Nothing had been done on that solid row of shock-proof tires that would have shocked any gentleman or lady on board Vibration and collision On the contrary it won a lot of praise and a little moderate applause among them They all It is a distinguished guest invited by Qiaxiangtai Shipping Co Ltd to participate in the maiden voyage of "Jingyi" At this time they all gathered Gathered in the big vegetable room covered with red felt on the boat waiting to go ashore Naturally it is a suit and leather shoes a robe and a hat and pearlescent Treasure industrial racking systems The Qiaxiangtai Steamship Company was jointly set up by six or seven firms in the city of Wuyuan and the "Jingyi" was sent by them Shanghai "China Merchants Shipping Bureau" bought the first passenger ship Actually it was built by that Jiangnan manufacture Bureau forty years ago An old boat Just repainted and redecorated Even so the pier is still crowded with people and drums Noisy The vice chairman of the shipping company Su Ke's eldest brother Su Zitian led many people to organize a rare excitement Scene held a celebration for the maiden voyage of "Jingyi" The military band which had been invited from the state capital changed into a uniform of black A wooden platform was set up specially for them High above the gloom of heads they played old Strauss's magnificent and cheerful "Radetzky!" March The child laborers in the repair factories near the wharf climbed to the old poplar trees around the material yard on the back of the factory This It's time for lunch break They have only thirty minutes to spare Therefore many of them as soon as they climbed up the tree Hurriedly took out cold pancakes or barley rice balls to eat and at the same time talked in amazement about the slightly backward inclination of the passenger ship Flat chimney Song Zhenhe is on the boat He went to Shanghai to buy goods He was in no hurry to join the first wave of people getting off the boat Although But he was eager to see Su Ke He has good news for her He hadn't seen her for over a month and he missed her very very much But he controlled himself
The first mate and the second mate of the ship all came to invite him He humbly declined The first batch Of the ship all those special guests He didn't want to use his special relationship with the steamship company to squeeze in here A line do not want to show off their special status He thinks he has nothing to show off On this ship myself At best he was a lucky "free rider" The more such a crowded occasion the one in his heart The sense of inferiority that can not be eliminated will become more and more serious He always carries it back consciously Don't fight for the boring person first

As he passed the band he glanced a little more for the black uniform reminded him shuttle rack system of business school This seems to be a very very old thing But his heart was still warm and vague There seemed to be a familiar face in the marching band He heard a holy and solemn melody and smelled it at the same time There is a holy fragrance He was a little uncomfortable and didn't look much Sue is not at home She knew he was coming home today She didn't pick him up at the dock just now Everything in the room is still the same He was as he had been before and even the box of beauty powder was still exactly where it had been in the bottle of violet vanishing cream And white rose hair tonic Just over a month what kind of changes can we expect He thought with self-mockery He stood in front of the bed and wanted to kiss the pillow My daughter is more than one year old but she still can't walk and is very thin Although it is supplemented with American milk powder it is added to every meal Cod liver oil doesn't work either When she was pregnant Sue was very reluctant to let people see that she was pregnant and always used a wide one The cloth tightens its abdomen During labor two hours after the onset of labor pains she cried out that she couldn't stand it Be sure to The doctor who was called in from the Mission Hospital in the capital of the state gave her a laparotomy or forceps Later forceps were used Suo All this probably handicapped the poor daughter to a great extent She seemed reluctant to grow up again jrackingPresseportal
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