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Yan is back
"I" Qingnu trembled more hot tub wholesale severely holding Guan Junlei's hand was powerless and for a time he could not help but fall into the clouds again not knowing whether he should believe in his own reason or should believe in his sweet words that Lianxinxuan really never lived with a woman In his heart did he really regard her as a woman who was different and could be his right-hand man "You what" Is it Want it Guan Junlei's voice was deeper and no matter whether he would wet his clothes or not he reached deeper and finally wrapped a mountain peak rubbing it skillfully and wantonly Qingnu who was new to human affairs and enjoyed the taste of gentleness every time was now the easiest time to be aroused How could she withstand his repeated use of the beautiful man's trick The original stiff body was already as soft as soft mud Although there was still a trace of wisdom in her mind her body had instinctively wriggled slightly Looking at her quickly flushed cheeks Guan Junlei's eyes flashed a sneer but his hands suddenly took her out and without waiting for her to exclaim he covered his lips and went to the bed increasing his strength jacuzzi suppliers at the right time It was this feeling this feeling of ecstasy as if she was loved pitied and strongly needed that made her degenerate again and again sinking into this brief pleasure again and again making her feel ashamed but unable to help betraying her soul again and again In the confusion of thoughts in the complexity of senses Although she knew that this tenderness was false and that he must have something to do after this tenderness she still could not resist the fatal temptation # and could not help hugging this solid and powerful body to bear the fatal tide of love brought by his # Say you love me!

The curtain of the bed hung down covering the already dark room even more hazy and Guan Junlei's burning breath kept spraying on her skin but his clothes were always neatly dressed I Qingnu impulsively wanted to follow his temptation but another cold figure like a glacier flashed through her heart Tell me that you love me! Guan Junlei's hand reached into the Peach Blossom Spring and continued to coax like a ghost Whoo Reason and lust are like adults at war and Qingnu can't help but make a fragile sob like Whirlpool bathtub a kitten pleading but she doesn't even know what she's pleading for Is it so hard to say you love me Guan Junlei's hand stopped at the most critical moment his eyes flashed a trace of contempt but his mouth sighed faintly "Are you still thinking about him in your heart" Don't you know that he doesn't have you in his heart at all poor child Do you know why he wants to save Yan Feiyu Qingnu gritted her teeth and did not answer Because "Guan Junlei's hand suddenly pierced her body cruel tunnel" because he had already picked that delicate and beautiful flower eat the marrow to know the taste Of course he didn't want her to die "No you're talking nonsense!" Under the stimulation of anger Qingnu did not know where the strength unexpectedly in the most ecstatic moment to resist the attack of Guan Junlei and suddenly pushed him away What am I talking about Where am I talking nonsense outdoor whirlpool Guan Junlei easily pressed her one leg squeezed into her legs across the clothes with a devilish smile on his face and lied with his eyes open in his spare time "Do you know that the real Yan Feiyu didn't die at all She went back again She should have been the Crown Princess smoothly but unfortunately the palace found out that she was not a virgin She had to admit that she had been taken away by Ning Bu
"No!"! Impossible! Qingnv struggled desperately to push him away and hissed "The third prince is definitely not that kind of person He didn't touch that bitch at all I was ordered to watch her all the way If they really had something to do how could I not know" Remembering that Ning did not really get along with Yan Feiyu privately once although the time was very short it did not seem that anything had happened but there was a terrible uncertainty in Qingnu's heart She tried to seize something to deny herself in a panic Suddenly a flash of inspiration passed "That bitch is not dead and Yunxiao is certainly not dead

It must be Yunxiao who made China spa factory peace with her Yes it must be Yunxiao!" So Yan Feiyu's so-called loss of virginity should be true or false Guan Junlei's eyes slightly congealed but his face remained calm Thinking of another question he deliberately smiled again "Yunxiao" That boy really has Yanfu in order to cover himself actually let his own brother take the blame Qing Nu Yi Zhen What did you say What brother The goal had been achieved and Qingnu's curiosity had been completely aroused Guan Junlei who had no desire pretended to be disinterested and let go of his hands and feet He lay lazily to one side "Haven't you already seen and heard" Yunxiao would rather take risks to save Ning What deep blood relationship can they have at their age "You mean" Qingnu pulled the quilt to cover her body and shrank to the corner of the bed staring at him in disbelief "Impossible I have seen several princes there is no prince similar to the three princes in the palace" Yunxiao Cloud Could it be "What a clever Qing'er!" Guan Junlei sincerely praised "Since your three princes can steal the sky and change the sun the two princes can't come back from the dead can they" Say that finish the heart has been like a mirror a plan and quickly floated to the heart Although this is pure speculation the fact is not necessarily so coincidental but Yunxiao and Yunfei with the same surname is a fact plus the cause of death endless swim spa of the two princes is worth considering only by this point he can make a big fuss but also a big article After thinking of a series of images Guan Junlei was so excited that he turned over and sat up without any interest in Qingnu But as soon as he sat up he realized that his behavior was somewhat impatient and deliberately turned his back to the shocked girl as if he had sighed deeply with infinite contradiction No matter whether Ning has an ambiguous relationship with Yan Feiyu or not Qing'er I said from the beginning that what I appreciate is your personality of daring to love and hate and your ability what I want is always a wholehearted you since now I still think of him in my heart then I 。 monalisaPresseportal
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