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Xiao Xing Ji
After he was seriously injured he was outdoor endless pool sent back to Spring Valley by Abbess Mieqing the first person he saw after he woke up! The man who dozed off on the table in a daze and drooled a lot! The man who was so confused that he forgot what he was doing and thought that Lin Xiao had broken into her boudoir so he was almost killed by a palm thunder! The muddle-headed man who treated him with strong diarrhea medicine! The generous person who shares the rare lotus and lotus seeds with himself! The man who saved Lin Xiao's life by feeding him lotus root with his mouth in order to save him from eating too many lotus seeds and being about to burst! The man who carefully sprinkled a thick layer of powder around him and on his body to drive away poisonous insects snakes and ants when he was in seclusion and transformed into Zhenyuan! The seemingly muddle-headed man who only knows to be hungry all day long and wants him to catch pheasants and barbecue all over indoor endless pool the mountains and plains! As soon as he entered the elixir room he became very focused and buried himself in the elixir room for two years for the sake of a prescription to collect elixirs!

That in the single-minded study of Dan Fang improvement as long as he has any doubts he left the Dan medicine that was about to take shape and ran to Lin Xiao to solve his doubts thus wasting dozens of furnaces of Dan medicine and wasting countless mental efforts! That Lin Xiao for her after the true fire formula broke through the fifth floor still stayed in the barren name Dan room just to quietly look at her serious back of the person! The person who makes Lin Xiao headache heartache sweet and distressed! That has been unwittingly with three thousand hair he Lin Xiao's heart tightly tied into a ball not clear not clear the whole soul on her body! The person who can make Lin Xiao smile when he smiles who can make Lin Xiao sad when he cries and whose every move can affect Lin Xiao's joys and sorrows! The medicine son lies so coldly in Lin Xiao's bosom the blood in the body has already flowed Her face was even more black and in the eyes of the eldest brother she could no longer see the confusion and confusion of the past The pale lifeless eyes The gray dead gas seemed to penetrate directly best whirlpool tub into Lin Xiao's heart and his heart which had become frozen and desperate because of the destruction of the Great Rodin Road was completely crushed into pieces A burst of heartache blood spurted from his mouth The golden elixir in Lin Xiaodan was dim for a while and there was a crack in the golden elixir and there was a sign of disintegration No one attacked Lin Xiao just because of the death of the medicine Lin Xiao's mind has suffered a very serious internal injury His heart pulse seemed to be beaten by gravity and half of his heart pulse had been broken and his heart blood spurted out of his mouth His divinity was in chaos and the true yuan in his body ran around uncontrollably and his golden elixir was seriously injured by his own true yuan Blood God Lao Zu stepped on the blood cloud to rush he looked at Lin Xiao ferociously was about to say some ferocious words but suddenly saw Lin Xiao that completely empty expression and eyes as well as his mouth constantly spurting red blood Blood God Lao Zu's cultivation has already broken through the primordial spirit period and has reached the wonderful realm of refining deification He naturally saw at a glance that the golden elixir in Lin Xiao's Dantian was about to disintegrate by itself The golden elixir collapsed and Lin Xiao was naturally a dead man but he didn't have to do it at all

It turns out that this little doll is also an idiot! Blood God Lao Zu's ferocious face was gloomy for a while He stared blankly at Lin Xiao and the medicine in Lin Xiao's arms His eyes rolled for a while Suddenly he shouted "That doll" Give you a stick of incense and time to end it! Lao Zu is also merciful today You cut off your heart garden jacuzzi tub but you don't have to get a knife before you die! How good is it to leave a whole body Hearing the cry of Blood God Lao Zu Lin Xiao slowly raised his head He looked at Blood God Lao Zu with his eyes wide open and asked coldly "Who are you" Blood God Lao Zu hesitated for a moment then nodded and said "Lao Zu calls himself Blood God He is the Demon Ancestor who is honored by all the nine twelve and thirty-six sects of the Demon Way today" Today I specially brought someone to destroy your Great Rodin and hide from the Great Rodin Sutra In the future I will unify the realm of monasticism and the Great Luodan Sutra of your Great Luodan Way will be the first merit! Lin Xiao tightened the medicine into his arms He opened his mouth and rushed out with a burst of energy with a few beads of blood inside
But it was the disorder of Zhenyuan in his body and a Zhenyuan fork rushed out of his throat tearing a crack in his vocal endless swim pool cords spattering blood from his vocal cords and spurting out of his mouth Lin Xiao's voice became extremely hoarse and ugly like an iron saw blade grinding sand and stones He said in that ugly voice with an expressionless face "If I don't die today I will do my best to kill you in the future" There was a strange smile on Lin Xiao's face He turned around and glanced at more and more demons in all directions He said lightly "There are nine ways twelve ways and thirty-six sects of the Demon Way" In the future I Lin Xiao will never die with you If I do not die your disciples will be attacked by me at any time When I improve my cultivation you will be my goal for Lin Xiao! "Lin Xiao and you swear not to stand together between heaven and earth!" Lin Xiao stretched out his left hand slowly stretched out his right index finger and deeply crossed the left wrist pulse Blood spurted out and drew a brilliant red light in the void He was holding the basalt ring in his left hand and his blood whirlpool hot tub spurted on the basalt ring The very thin light in the basalt ring flashed rapidly sucking in Lin Xiao's blood and the blood of the medicine stuck to his hand It's a blood oath! The highest oath in the monastic world Lin Xiao swears at the same time between heaven and earth faintly has a clear thunder to ring

As soon as the blood God Lao Zu's complexion changed a little compassion for Lin Xiao's infatuation dissipated cleanly He pointed coldly at Lin Xiao and said with a sneer "Kill him!"! Destroy his soul! Blood oath if he escaped a soul and I will be entangled in the future not quiet! Destroy his soul! In all directions hundreds of deep and profound magic cultivations were launched at the same time and all kinds of turbid colored lights came to Lin Xiao If this wave of attacks hit even if Lin Xiao is the body made by King Kong it can only be turned into powder Lin Xiao looked up to the sky and roared Blood rolled down his eyes He hugged the medicine tightly The golden elixir in the Dantian suddenly disintegrated and turned into a terrible purple stream of inflammation A purple Zhenyuan rushed into his left hand meridian along the meridian straight into the basalt ring he was holding monalisaPresseportal
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