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Chekhov, 1894
"The murderer was released and completely free" No one has jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers accused the judges of miscarriage of justice My grandmother said that even God forgave the sins of all the inhabitants of that small town for this kind of faith in people God is happy to see that people believe that people are the image of God If people forget the dignity of human beings and treat people worse than dogs God will be sad Even if this verdict of acquittal will bring harm to the residents of the town on the other hand you think how good this confidence in people which will not become a dead thing anyway will certainly have a good impact on them This kind of confidence will cultivate a feeling of magnanimity in our hearts which will always urge us to love and respect everyone Everyone!

That's what matters Mikhail Karlovich hot tub spa manufacturers is finished My neighbor wanted to contradict him but the head gardener made a gesture that he didn't like to contradict him Then he left here and went to the cart with a solemn look on his face and went on with the loading of the cart "Notes" Quoted from Shakespeare's tragedy Hamlet Act III Scene IV Editor's Note in Russian (2) In the thirteenth century the Catholic Church was an institution for the detection and trial of "heretics" which secretly interrogated and tortured "heretics" and those who opposed feudal forces including progressive thinkers and natural scientists (3) Biren (1690-1772) the leader of the German reactionary clique usurped the power of the Russian court in the 1730s (4) Araktcheev (1769-1834) a powerful and tyrannical favorite of Paul I and Alexander I w w wx iaoshu otx tc o m The Black Friar I Big Learn Sheng 。 Small Say Net The Black Friar One Master Andrei Vasiliitch Kovuling was very tired and out of his mind He did not go to see a doctor but once he had a drink with a friend who was a doctor and talked about it in passing and the friend advised him to spend a spring and a summer in outdoor spa manufacturers the country It happened that Dania Pisotskaya wrote a long letter inviting him to visit Baolisopka He decided that he really had to take a trip At first in April he went to his home town of Kovelinka where he stayed alone for three weeks and then when the road was clear he got into his carriage and set off to the house of his old guardian and tutor the famous Russian horticulturist Pisotsky It was no more than seventy versts from Kovelinka to Bolisopka where the Pisotsky family lived and it was a great pleasure to travel in a stable carriage with springs on the soft road in spring The house of the Pisotskys was large with columns carved lions peeling plaster on the walls and a footman in a tuxedo standing at the door

The old garden grim and austere in English style stretched almost a verst from the main house to the river and ended in a steep descent of earth with pine trees showing their roots like hairy claws The river below glistened coldly and the snipe flew to and fro with a mournful song Chinese spa manufacturer In this kind of place people will always have a desire to sit down and write a narrative poem But near the house in the yard in the orchard which covered thirty acres with the nursery everything was flourishing and even in bad weather it was full of life Such beautiful roses lilies camellias such colorful tulips from bright white to sooty black in short such rich flowers as the Bisotsky family had never seen anywhere else Spring has just begun and the really showy flower beds are still hidden in the conservatory but there are enough flowers blooming on both sides of the Avenue and on the flower beds here and there to make one walk in the garden especially early in the morning when every petal is covered with dew to feel that one has entered the kingdom of soft colors The part of the garden dedicated to viewing which Pissotsky himself contemptuously called a trivial part had left a fairyland impression on him when he was a child in Kefuling
Here ingenious and unique patterns grotesque and elaborate designs are all available which is endless pool swim spa a mockery of nature! There are hedges of fruit trees pyramidal poplars of pear trees orbs of oak and Linden trees umbrellas of apple trees arches of plum trees flowers candlesticks and even the words "1862" which mark the year when Pisotsky first studied horticulture Here too were beautiful shapely young trees with trunks as straight and strong as palms which only on closer inspection could be recognized as gooseberries or tea seeds But what pleases and enlivens the garden most is the constant activity of the people From early in the morning until late in the evening beside the trees and shrubs along the avenues and on the flower beds there were always many people busy like ants some pushing wheelbarrows some waving hoes some carrying watering cans Ke Fuling arrived at Pisotsky's house at about nine o'clock in the evening He happened to be at a moment when Dania and her father Yegor Semineki were in a state of anxiety The clear starry sky and the thermometer foretold a frost in the early hours of the morning but Ivan Calrage the gardener had gone into town without a finger in sight During dinner they talked about the next morning and decided that Dania would not go to bed but would go to the garden at endless swimming pool twelve o'clock to check that everything was in order and that Yegor Seminitch would get up at three o'clock or even a little earlier Kefuling sat with Dania all night and after midnight he walked with her into the garden The weather is cold

There was already a strong smell of burning in the yard Their large orchard called the Business Garden brought a net profit of several thousand roubles a year to Yegor Seminitch where a thick black and pungent smoke now spread over the ground enveloping the trees in order to save the thousands of roubles from the frost The trees here are arranged in a checkerboard pattern and each line is straight and neat like a line of soldiers monalisaPresseportal
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