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Stunning goblins in ancient times

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Stunning goblins in ancient times
I saw him imitating a woman's affectation his hand covered diammonium phosphate fertilizer with coarse hair imitating a girl's home winding his orchid fingers and then thinking that he was very charming he blinked at me and his eyes which were already very narrow were shaking crazily like cramps And the other hairy hand holding his head seemed to swing his body coquettishly and infinitely and the saliva kept flowing I held my tummy which was aching with feverish laughter Oh my God is this the so-called lap dance Me I'm going to laugh it off Ha-ha ha-ha ha And the presence of the crowd more exaggerated than I some of the laughter can not support fell to the ground tears running still can not stop laughing Ha ha hahahahahaha Xiao Yihan's despair Updated 2009-10-30 82713 Words in this Chapter 2557 "Haha the action of the man who jumped at the beginning made me laugh to death" "The one in the back is also very funny He is sucking his fingers and barking at the same time He really looks like a dog in heat" Ha ha ha ha Hahahahahahaha

After turning over the maniacal laughter without any image the girls continued to laugh and chat as they walked The real boss you are really too experience harm this dozen people I heard that is the east of the city that area of the bully fighting robbery do everything and recently they often come here to rob the people here no less by their coercion just see them dance like a big dance everyone greatly out of mouth resentment the real boss you have become a God in their eyes this is good ah I'm afraid the business of our drunken fat building is even more popular "Yes true boss although we don't sell ourselves now the silver is more than ten times before and we don't have to be angry with those smelly men" "In the past when we were selling makeup on the street there were always some people pointing at us but since the renovation of dap diammonium phosphate the drunken building when we went to the street not only no one pointed out but also some people came to say hello to us" The end of the long street is full of our happy laughter While we were laughing a pure white floating figure slowly fell from the sky and stopped in front of us The girls stopped laughing and looked curiously at the beautiful man in white Long and beautiful phoenix eyes long hair dancing in the wind sexy thin lips no longer a casual smile but tight With the flowing air a unique fragrance spreads in the breeze How did he how did he end up here I glanced at him furtively with a look of horror And I just raised his eyes his slender phoenix eyes also looked at me deeply the eyes of the injury very thick I trembled Why did his eyes make me feel guilty Haven't I been plotting my departure for a long time But why do I feel so cruel when I see him like this Xiao Yihan looked at me for a long time then opened his thin lips lightly and said faintly "Ling why did you leave quietly" In the tone there is fear and injury

At a loss for words I didn't know how to answer him And I'm wearing a thick face towel why can he recognize me at a glance The girls all looked at us silently Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP and then walked silently to the Drunken Fat Building The long street corner was quiet again The only difference was that Xiao Yihan had more sad and questioning eyes Ling why don't you answer Xiao Yihan's body came over his strong arm holding me in his arms very tight very tight as if afraid of a little loosening I will leave the same I instinctively want to retreat but when I want to break away his body trembles gently he is afraid I froze on the spot and let him hold me He shouldn't be like this Xiao Yihan in his memory is insufferably arrogant He can be careless and ruthless but he has never seen such a deep fear Ling will you come back to me Xiao Yihan buried his head in my neck and said softly the panic in his tone was so obvious
As a prince of a country when he was a teenager he founded a famous killing alliance in Jianghu It can be seen how harmful he is He is indifferent and changeable in front of people In front of me he will panic Does he really love me But I don't love him so I can't- I suddenly broke away from his arms put on a cool smile and said coldly "Childe you have mistaken me for someone else The little girl is the real boss of the Drunken Fat Building in front of you The little girl doesn't recognize the girl you just said and Childe the little girl doesn't seem to have seen it" With that he hurried around him and walked to the drunken fat building Just walked a few steps then was pulled back by Xiao Yihan he tightly imprisoned me in his arms and then bent his head smiled at me That smile very sad and beautiful just like the cherry blossoms falling one after another the heart is also clenched immediately I collected my mind and pretended to smile coquettishly "Childe are you interested in the little girl

No I may let you down This girl doesn't accept guests" Xiao Yihan listened to my words long handsome eyebrows wrinkled deeper Disappointed Xiao Yihan forget me in the future I do not love you your good I can only remember in my heart Is it because of him He asked softly but the hatred in his voice was so obvious He hates me Or hate Ji Rufeng I wanted to break away from his arms but the more I struggled the potassium sulphate fertilizer harder he imprisoned me I stopped struggling raised my head looked at his beautiful and deep phoenix eyes and smiled brightly "Childe the little girl doesn't understand what you mean" If you can pretend you will not be so tired if you wear a mask Xiao Yihan looked at me deeply for a long time and then his slender hand raised and the face towel on my face floated off reflecting a beautiful and frightened face in front of him Ling don't you want to admit it He held my face in his hands his affectionate phoenix eyes with a painful wound and my heart clucked because of it Xiao Yihan will you let me go As soon as the words came out of his mouth he found that he had said absolutely Xiao Yihan let go of his hand around my waist but his body trembled with this sentence In his mouth he murmured "Let you go" So you always thought I was pushing you For a long time he uttered a word softly OK 。 stargrace-magnesitePresseportal
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