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Aberavon Aqua Splash allows seagulls to abandon their nests

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Aberavon Aqua Splash allows seagulls to abandon their nests

The water park can finally open after nesting, the seagulls release their nests on the water bodies.

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wildlife law protects birds This means that the Neath Port Talbot Council can't disturb them when they nest at Aqua Splash on Aberavon Beach.The nest is on the tank, which will tip when the water level reaches a certain point. And turning on the water can cause the nest to be empty.

The council said it believed the eggs were the victims of predators.The nest has been cleared from the scene. After a council officer who followed the nest found that the bird had disappeared. They found damaged eggs that had already rolled out of the nest.

It supports the theory that parent gulls may abandon their nests after eggs. eaten by other seagulls Although the mother bird spends most of her time in the nest. But the council said it sometimes had to go out and find food for itself. let the nest be weak
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