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On the first Friday of March he told the store manager of his intention to resign He didn't give a reason He didn't think it was necessary He thought he might be asked to stay but the store manager didn't say that The result still gives you a bad impression which is a pity! "A bad impression" Thank you for hiring me to work here! "What to do in the future" Have you found a job "Look for it it's not a big problem" "Well if only!" The store manager nodded as if reassured Must be relieved in the sense of many minutes Although it is not a big problem to find a job in fact there is no goal at all Zhigui looked at the job advertisements in the newspaper and applied one by one as long as he could get any kind of job with salary The last job he found was a temporary worker who cleaned up leftovers in a company's staff Grey Marble Slab canteen The salary is not much but the rotten smell of leftovers seems to penetrate into the body which is unbearable Meicun teacher seems to be helping to find employment units after graduation almost all of Zhigui high school students continue to study teachers should not be too difficult to find employable units But after asking several companies every day he always shows a look of embarrassment There is also the relationship between the late start but the main reason is that the situation of straight and expensive has become an obstacle

I received a letter from Gangzhi at such a difficult time The graduation ceremony will be held in two days Unexpectedly Zhigui was a little surprised that he could still write from the detention center On the corner of the letter paper and the envelope there was a small blue cherry blossom stamp which indicated that the contents had been checked and Naoki did not know at that time Naoki In good health The verdict is coming soon According to the lawyer it's about 15 years in prison There's no way I have a lot to say to you but I can't say it I'm sorry! Do you have any plans to come for a visit I want to ask you something I have a lot to say Carrara Marble Slab and I want to ask you something Like how about graduating from high school I'm always thinking about it Please (7) The disassembly of the engine was more troublesome than expected and it was already after six o'clock in the afternoon Fortunately the days were getting longer and longer and in another thirty minutes it would be too dark to see his hands What a lot of trouble! How about it Zhigui Let's go to dinner together Tatsuno said as he thumped his waist with his hand Zhi Gui shook his head I eat in the dormitory canteen "Well see you tomorrow!" Naoki stuffed his gloves into his pocket and walked in the opposite direction to Tashino I had dinner with Li Ye once before and he invited me The set meal in front of the station is definitely not a decent restaurant but the grilled fish and fried chicken taste really good plus the soft rice

I haven't eaten so full for a long time At that time I was not very familiar with Tatsuno and I thought he was really considerate However when it came time to pay the bill Tatsuno put his share of the money on the table which was so expensive that he thought it was his treat I looked at my wallet and there was not even two hundred yen in it There's no way to talk to Li Ye Pietra Gray Marble So "Well I'll lend it to you" He put one hundred yen and two fifty yen coins into Naoki's hand The two hundred yen was returned the next day I thought he might say "Forget about the money" But Li Ye didn't say anything and took it From then on even if Li Ye invited him to dinner again he would not go Back to the dormitory you can spend less money to eat although it is not delicious food Go out to eat with Li Ye to spend money or heartache have that money can buy a lot of instant noodles or snacks and other things There were many employees of the bus company waiting in line at the station and Zhigui was also behind them He had taken off his work clothes and when people saw him they must have thought that he was also a worker here Think of this but I feel desolate He decided to go to the studio of the waste recycling company at the end of March and it was Mr Mei Cun who helped him find it The salary is definitely not high but it can provide dormitories Although it is not owned by the company it is borrowed from the dormitory prepared by the automobile manufacturing company for seasonal temporary workers You can eat and take a shower in the dormitory For Zhigui who has to move out of his apartment he can ensure the most favorable conditions for his place of residence Naoki asked Mr Umemura only one question "Does the company know about the incident of Gangzhi" The teacher nodded

"There is no company that does not inquire about the family members of its employees" "Then promise to hire" "It depends on the interview" Said it was an interview but it was just a meeting with the boss in the coffee shop with Mr Mei Cun It's a middle-aged man named Fukumoto Wearing a suit and no tie Fukumoto rudely asked Takashi about the incident as if he were just interested The hiring was decided on the spot Fukumoto said that as long as he did not cause any trouble to the other car company he made it clear that if he fought with the employees of the other company he would be dismissed immediately When Zhigui is Nero Marquina Marble Slab on the bus he keeps his head down as low as possible for fear that he will cause disputes if he accidentally looks at someone At first the bus was very crowded and some people would go down at every stop When there was a vacant seat Zhigui did not intend to take it As he was about to get off the bus he noticed someone looking at him It was a young girl sitting in the second row from the back looking at him from time to time Naoki began to think that maybe he was thinking too much but he didn't think so

When he got out of the car he looked back as if nothing had happened and his eyes met hers The girl was about his age with no makeup on her face and her hair cut very short She turned her eyes away at once On the way from the station to the dormitory Naoki accidentally remembered her and felt as if he had seen her somewhere and if he had seen her it should be in the factory Why is she looking at herself Maybe it's the so-called love at first sight But he was not happy about it Because he didn't think she was attractive at all he probably belonged to the kind of person who was not conspicuous at all in the company he imagined After eating the cheapest set meal in the dormitory canteen I went back to my room The house has three bedrooms and one living room but only one room the size of four and a half tatami is used for Zhigui There is a toilet but no bathroom in the dormitory and the kitchen is just a name because fire is not allowed to cook forustonePresseportal
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