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Jin Kui Liu Ren Pan 2: Making a Big Noise at the Tomb
Thema: Jin Kui Liu Ren Pan 2: Making a Big Noise at the Tomb
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Jin Kui Liu Ren Pan 2: Making a Big Noise at the Tomb
From the small bag on his waist the feeling of coldness came In the past this coldness would bring him great pain but this time it made him clear Why is my head Why does it hurt so much Meng Lou's teeth tapped gently and his limbs trembled slightly It was the cold that felt the danger that stimulated his body After denying the cold the sudden pain was very strange He was sure that he had not been bitten by the poisonous bat So could it be that some invisible evil spirit was cursing him "A ghost" He couldn't help but have the same idea as Hu Hai Small The building! Great anger let Hu Hai finally have a trace of strength he called High Torque 12v Dc Motor Meng Lou in a trembling voice he wanted to finally confirm whether Meng Lou in front of him was really occupied by something evil This voice let Meng Lou mind a shock is Hu Hai how can oneself begin to have a killing heart to Hu Hai The feeling of irritability was temporarily suppressed by the cold on his body but the sharp pain in his head was more intense and Meng Lou wanted to split his head to find the cause of his headache He suddenly remembered that a large part of the cause of Cao Cao's death was his migraine for which he even killed

Hua Tuo a famous doctor Could it be said that he was cursed by it after breaking into his tomb of suspicion and that he had an attack at this time Poisonous bat's eyes are still staring at Meng Lou although Meng Lou shines directly into his eyes with the strong light of the searchlight but he does not blink Meng Lou was stared at by this eye the strange fear in his heart became stronger and stronger the pain in his brain became stronger and stronger and the cold sweat covered his forehead in an instant Eye Bats are not afraid of light because their eyes are actually useless and blind In the intense pain he wanted to use the method of diversion to alleviate the pain suddenly he understood everything "So this is this is!" " "Sound waves ultrasonic waves!" Angrily he threw his dagger at the bat Now he knew why he had a splitting headache and was mad It was all the bat's doing! Bats live in the dark and their eyes are severely faded so they rely on ultrasonic waves from their mouths which are inaudible to the human ear This sound wave also has a certain lethality in fact the United States and the former Soviet Union have carried out ultrasonic weapon tests and even caused casualties! Because of the severe headache Meng Lou threw the knife without any aim and there was still a long distance from the bat

But at this time the elevator began to descend automatically again Meng Lou had a headache and had no strength on his body It could be seen that Hu Hai was going to be taken down by the elevator Thinking of those giant pincer beetles he mustered up his strength and reached out to grab Hu Hai's wrist "The sea quickly" "Is it a small building" Hearing Meng Lou call himself Dahai seeing him stretch out his hand to himself and seeing that his eyes were no longer as fierce as they had begun Hu Hai was surprised and happy 12 Volt Motor With Gearbox He laughed bent down to pick up the knife thrown by Meng Lou grabbed Meng Lou's hand jumped with Meng Lou's strength and finally succeeded in getting up the corridor before the elevator fell The bat as big as a little dog also flew out of the elevator Meng Lou and Hu Hai took the opportunity to slash it but its movements were extremely agile After passing through the knives of the two men lightly it fell to the top of the corridor It is very cunning see Hu Hai can also resume action after no longer to Meng Lou release ultrasound Meng Lou's head although still dull pain but finally does not affect the activity Go go go! Seeing that it did not jump down directly but hung upside down on the top and drooled Meng Lou was both sick and worried Although he wanted to destroy the strange bat that could use "ultrasonic weapons" immediately he knew better that the elevator would bring up the giant pincer beetles when it went down Compared with bats those beetles whose vitality was comparable to cockroaches were more difficult to deal with It was the right choice to take this opportunity to leave here quickly Two people run wildly because Hu Hai is still barely able to move so the speed of running is not fast the bat slowly followed two people seems to be waiting for the next opportunity

This corridor is not long the end of the corridor is a stone door fortunately this stone door is only unclosed neither controlled by the mechanism nor locked Hu Hai tried to push it Although he was still weak he felt that he could push it So he said with a smile "Xiaolou it's good that you're all right Hey it's a beetle and a bat I think we can open a zoo here I don't know what's in it" He may be just a joke but Meng Lou felt a tremor in his heart and the cold sense of danger came again Just now when he was fixed by the bat with a transcendental wave the cold feeling almost saved his life and Hu Hai's life so he was not Vending Machine Motor as disgusted with the feeling as before He only had time to say "be careful" and Hu Hai pushed the stone door open The smell of putrefaction came with the darkness and behind the stone gate was a damp cave stone hall This is probably the largest stone hall they have seen since they came to the underground cave The searchlight that can illuminate 30 meters is like a candle here which is too weak to reach far After the two men went in they immediately closed the stone door again Although they did not know whether the bats and beetles would find another way to chase them they could not pose a threat to them at least for a short time The cold feeling brought by the danger did not disappear because of the closure of the stone gate

On the contrary standing in the empty stone hall of the big karst cave Meng Lou felt even more uneasy Ding! A clear sound broke the calm of the cave hall Meng Lou turned the searchlight to shine everywhere and in the light it seemed that something glittering was dripping from the top of his head He shone overhead again and countless stalactites hung upside down on the dome like the sharp teeth of ghosts and beasts **** maybe we can play a football game down here! Hu Hai has put behind him the dangers he has begun to experience He is so good that he will never worry about the difficulties that are not in front of him Sometimes Meng Lou envied him very much and always felt that it would be easy to live like him But I can't do it myself and I can't help carrying some burdens ichgearmotorPresseportal
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