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Urban perspective eye
"It's not a disease is it" Qin Jingzhong laughed and said "Aren't all old people like this I'm almost ninety years old and I should eat big fish and meat every day like you young people" Organs are aging and it's normal to have some problems "That's what he always said" Qin Siqing looked at Grandpa discontentedly and asked Wang Zhuo eagerly "It's really amazing How did you see it" I saw it with my clairvoyant eyes! Wang Zhuo thought so in his heart but he didn't say so "My ancestors have been imperial doctors and they are also a family of traditional Chinese medicine I still know how to simply look listen ask and cut" I really Small Geared Motors don't know if my ancestors have ever been an imperial doctor The family tree has long been lost The family of traditional Chinese medicine is sheer nonsense Wang Zhuo's grandfather used to be a clerk in a traditional Chinese medicine store Later he opened a small pharmacy At most he could help people open a medicine for headache and fever Wang Zhengdao was also in prison for illegal medical practice Wang Zhuo didn't learn any skills But others do not know ah everyone thought he said is true especially Qin Jingzhong and Qin Siqing Qin Jingzhong specially looking for someone to understand Wang Zhuo's family background know something about Wang Zhengdao listen to Wang Zhuo such a flicker grandsons and grandsons immediately believed it! "Look smell ask and feel So you can still feel your pulse" Steady Secretary Xiao finally can not sit still he has found the opportunity the old man likes this Wang Zhuo who has never met if this young man cooperates perhaps the task of leadership is really possible to complete!

Wang Zhuo boastfully nodded his head Qin Jingzhong looked at him and immediately became interested "Come on" he said with a smile "you can help me feel my pulse and try a hand" As he spoke he stretched out his right hand and handed it to Wang Zhuo Wang Zhuo pretended to shake his head "Male left and female right" "Oh oh!" The old man turned sideways and handed out his left hand Wang Zhuo really doesn't know how to feel the pulse He needs to put his arm flat and sit upright There are more than half of the people who study medicine in the room As soon as he put his finger on Qin Jingzhong's wrist these people can see that he is in the world fooling people! After a few seconds Wang Zhuo raised his head and said "Your liver is not good Did you fall ill when you were young" Even Liu Yun could not bear to look at such an inferior deception Ma Dehai and Wang Taiping felt that what they were sitting in front of them was no longer a college student who had just passed the exam but a street fortune-telling charlatan! Take next pulse to be able to see others had suffered from liver disease when young do you think you are medical God! Qin Jingzhong and Qin Siqing were a little stupefied The room was quiet for a few seconds Xiao Wanjun suddenly coughed lightly and solemnly said "The old chief was shot several times during the War of Resistance and one of them was in the liver" I can't believe I was fooled! All of you at the Medical University immediately looked incredulous This this this thing is not in line with common sense not in line with science and it doesn't make sense!

Qin Siqing came to her senses and urged excitedly "Tell me quickly what else did you say" "Did you get the bullet out" Wang Zhuo asked knowingly I took it out The operation was successful Don't you think I'm all right now Qin Jingzhong smiled calmly but his expression was not very natural and Wang Zhuo's ability to feel the pulse really frightened him micro gear motor Your complexion is darker and it is not easy for ordinary people to see it In fact your complexion is a little yellow which is the manifestation of liver disease Wang Zhuo said earnestly "And the questions I asked you just now constipation nausea oil aversion these are the symptoms of liver disease plus your pulse condition judging from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine you must be suffering from liver disease" I suspect you're having a relapse
” "Relapse" Don't joke "Qin Jingzhong doesn't know whether to laugh or cry" I was shot more than sixty years ago If I had a relapse how could it be delayed until now " After listening to Wang Zhuo's words Ma Dehai and others finally put away the contempt Wang Zhuo's analysis is really reasonable and he raised a few questions have been affirmed now they carefully observe Qin's face really see some signs of yellowing! "Will it not recur after more than sixty years" Wang Zhuo said with a faint smile "If a bullet hurts your liver you can't guarantee that you won't hit your ribs can you" It's easy to take out the bullet but it's not so easy to pick out all the rib fragments Maybe that's the cause of recurrence Qin Jingzhong thought about it and said "I really believe it when I hear you say that"

In fact Wang Zhuo just saw his surgical scar when he had a fluoroscopy and found a damaged site in his liver which had hardened nearby and a small fragment of rib in the middle which had grown Small Dc Gear Motor together with the surrounding tissue Wang Zhuo could not judge how long the hardening site had occurred and whether it would expand but this situation would certainly affect the body's function and require treatment Coincidentally Wang Zhuo's grandmother had suffered from hepatitis so he had a certain understanding of the symptoms of liver disease As expected when he asked about it it happened to be the same as Qin Jingzhong's situation He immediately fooled all the people in the room old and young and could not even say what he questioned It turns out that Chinese medicine is so magical Qin Siqing was obviously misled "Brother Wang Zhuo can you prescribe medicine for my grandfather" Xiao Wanjun just wanted to stop Wang Zhuo was already waving his hand hurriedly "I can't prescribe medicine your grandfather's situation or go to a big hospital to have a good examination take a film to see the pathology clearly or prescribe the right medicine" "Oh!"!

I forgot that your father was practicing medicine illegally "As soon as the words came out of his mouth Qin Siqing regretted it and closed his mouth with a flustered tongue" Illegal medical practice Ma Dehai and Wang Taiping looked at each other the heart said this is the daughter of Mayor Qin said should not be aimless right But it is impossible for a student who has this item in his file to be admitted What is the situation Where do they know Wang Zhuo's file has long been changed by Deng Haixia better than the performance of three good students about Wang Zhengdao has never been written into the file there is no need to change! Qin Siqing know Wang Zhengdao thing is also very normal Wang Zhuo is very indifferent to this performance as for sitting next to the vice principal and department head Wang Zhuo estimates that they will never pursue this matter "Do I really need to go to the hospital to check" After listening to Wang Zhuo's advice Qin Jingzhong obviously wavered Wang Zhuo spread out his hands and said with a smile "What are you afraid of" If you're sick treat it If you're not sick leave 。 ichgearmotorPresseportal
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