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Thema: The eternal life of online games
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The eternal life of online games
"Then please trouble Chu Lao!"! Oh by the way those guys over there put your guns away Are you going to get rough with old Chu Ling Yan face a turn a smile looking at the humanity over there Hearing this the three men in black over there suddenly changed their faces and Ling Yan's words were obviously intended to block the three of them at the muzzle of Chu Xiaotian's gun! But even so they have no intention of collecting guns! They are well-trained bodyguards how can they be frightened by Ling Yan although Ling Yan said something to rely on Put it away! Lin Hong stared at Chu Lao with calm eyes and said in a slightly cold voice The temperature scanning kiosks three men in black quickly put the gun away wiped the cuff with their hands and the gun disappeared like magic "Lin Hong I'm sorry I hope you and my family won't have any conflicts about what happened today!" Chu Yan ran knew the general situation and said to Lin Hong with an apology for the first time Miss Chu doesn't have to apologize No one is right or wrong today It's just that I Lin Hong have a bad life! It's a pity that Meier and I have no fate! Lin Hong shook his head as if to accept his fate but his eyes continued to look at Ling Yan his eyes hard to hide the haze

And Ling Yan naturally also put his eyes on the groom in a straight suit and tie two people's eyes handed over but Ling Yan was not afraid at all immortal power directly congealed impressively Lin Hong only felt his heart ripples ripples after countless dark smoke produced in his mind a faint melodious song Began to echo in his mind gradually a huge shadow appeared in his mind In a flash of lightning Lin Hong was stunned! "Lin Hong!" It's Ling Yan's voice! A voice like a God! Lin Hong was shocked His cheeks were sweating crazily His heart jumped directly into his throat Three souls and seven souls began to shake He couldn't believe what was wrong with his head Who are you Lin Hong cried out This voice let the people outdoor digital signage displays around not surprised! "What's the matter with you Lin Hong" "Are you all right Brother Lin" Lian Rou and Leng Hanxing looked at each other and none of the people present knew what had happened to Lin Hong His face was suddenly white which was inexplicable Lin Hong's incoherent began to think that he is unable to stand the newly married his fiancee was robbed of the blow so the spirit also suffered some blow Lin Hong is not an ancient warrior his physical quality is not as good as Chu Yan ran them naturally the spirit is also with ordinary people no doubt "Who I am is not important the important thing is that you can shut your mouth and talk to me in your heart otherwise I am not sure whether I will let you never open your mouth in the next second!"

Ling Yan's shadow like a God issued his orders in Lin Hong's mind The divine power that cannot be provoked The pressure of Lin Hong almost breathless it is a kind of depression from the deepest part of the soul! Lin Hong's body began to tremble as if he had been extremely frightened! I can't die I can't die Are you Ling Yan ?? You are Ling Yan! I beg you don't let me die! Lin Hong was afraid that the voice in his heart was a little crazy! "You can't decide whether you die or not smart whiteboard price If I want you to die you can't live!" Ling Yan's virtual shadow began to send out countless strong white gas white gas like a snake kept moving kept drilling toward Lin Hong's brain Every nerve in the brain every brain cell seems to be the target of these white gas the next second the white gas will link the nerve and wrap the brain cell Plop Lin Hong's eyes darkened and he fell directly to the ground Chapter 721 is straightforward Thump The last step was stepped down by Ling Yan The dark leather shoes stepped on the smooth floor and made a moderate sound Szeto Meier shrank behind Ling Yan with some fear her hands just pulling Ling Yan's arms her head so low that she dared not look at the guests in the hall

The way of the corridor is not long but we have passed it With the appearance of several people the hall was quiet in an instant As if by the dust-laden same each person's vision the attention all put in the aisle However when Chu Xiaotian a heavyweight figure passed by Ling Yan the people in the hall came to their senses Although Chu Xiaotian does not like the lively scene but there are still many high-ranking people have seen Chu Xiaotian! Immediately a lot of people are hanging a smiling face prepare to go up get close to But when Lin Hong in the back was carried down on a stretcher everyone's movements stiffened and shocked smart interactive whiteboard again Hong'er A middle-aged woman with heavy makeup looked at it and immediately exclaimed sobbing and choking and ran to Lin Hong who was ready to carry it out of the door What the hell is going on! Brother Stu! What kind of show is this Lin Qiang said in a hoarse and low tone to Szeto Kang beside him Brother Stu Just now you were an in-laws and now you're in transit

Szeto Kang thought to himself but his face still put on an angry look He turned to Szeto Meier who was hiding behind Ling Yan and shouted angrily "Meier what are you doing" What's wrong with Lin Hong You must give me an explanation! Meier breathed heavily and tried to calm down By this time the Lin family and the Situ family had already begun to evacuate the guests However they were stopped by Chu Xiaotian's angry shout Explain my ass explain! Xiaokang Kui you are still a father How can you be so shameless Heartless Let your daughter marry Lin Hong the black sheep of the family Chu Xiaotian roared loudly Suddenly the faces of the people present were so wonderful that even Ling Yan had to sweat slightly This old man is impatient the brain is still so straight such words how can you talk nonsense You know Lin Hong's father is still beside him! Immediately Chu Yan ran's father Chushan face some red three steps for two steps want to persuade Chu Xiaotian but was Chu Xiaotian eyes a stare directly back a few steps dare not make a mistake "What do you mean Old Chu" 。 hsdtouchPresseportal
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