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Douro Continent _ Infinite Fiction Network
Thema: Douro Continent _ Infinite Fiction Network
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Douro Continent _ Infinite Fiction Network
In the Papal Palace Bibidong stood on a huge balcony where she could overlook the view of more than 270 degrees below the mountain The only thing I can't see is the Douro Hall which is higher behind me As if feeling something her eyes suddenly turned purple and black the original noble and sacred breath seemed to be destroyed by the purple and black light and her eyes swept ferociously in one direction Slowly raised his head a fine magic lines bloomed from the forehead the original stunning face instantly became ferocious Suddenly turned around the door behind her opened without wind before she entered the door can only faintly see her fake ficus tree body has expanded to a terrible height of five meters the lower part of the body is extremely large releasing a very terrible purple and black breath Unlike her nine rings blooming in front of outsiders what she reveals at this time is six black and one red seven deep soul rings Fifteen meters above the blue water an agile figure rolled in the air Under him a huge white figure turned around quietly A huge shark tail with a width of more than two meters was suddenly thrown out under the drive of a body bent like a strong bow Suddenly a gray-blue light of the same shape as the shark tail came out and expanded in the air heading straight for the rolling figure Watching the rolling figure in midair was about to be caught up by the light of the shark's tail Suddenly a strong red light burst out from the left leg of the figure and he shrank into a ball in the air and then the left leg of the red light flashed out like a whip

A deep and fierce roar burst out of his legs and then a dark red light and shadow like a razor was thrown out in an instant falling from the sky like a huge tomahawk hitting the grey-blue shark tail light and shadow as if to create the world Boom Incomparably strong explosions roared in the air and the power of two huge bursts of energy instantly made the sea below splash waves more than ten feet high When the waves fell there was already a huge whirlpool with a diameter of 20 meters in the sea The white figure in the sea was lifted out of the sea under the tremendous impact and turned over in the air before it was smashed back into the sea Look at that size isn't it the king of the Great White Shark Xiaobai But the much smaller figure in the air rose in a spiral with a series of red ripples on his left leg tearing the huge shock wave like a sharp blade and his body silk ficus tree passed through the gap where the shock wave broke like a fish and came out in reverse Only then could he see clearly that the figure in the air was completely blue-gold In the counterattack countless blue-gold long vines suddenly broke out The eight soul rings on his body two yellow one purple two black and three red were enough to symbolize his identity It was Tang San Fit counterattack Tang San's shining red eighth soul ring suddenly lit up rendering his body and hundreds of blue and silver emperors completely red Accompanied by the rotation of the body each blue and silver emperor brought up a red light curtain which spread out and instantly enveloped the sea water within a diameter of 100 meters A strange scene appeared the sea water covered by the red light curtain was solidified in an instant completely isolated from the outside sea water extending to the sea as much as 100 meters Just in time to smash back into the water of the small white body enveloped inside

In this moment the sea water which was dyed red by the light solidified in an instant and became as crystal clear as a mirror reflecting brilliance Hundreds of blue and silver emperors around Tang San's body constantly revolved around him outdoor ficus tree forming a blood-colored light wheel in midair reflecting Tang San's body With a faint smile on his face Tang San looked at the huge red crystals congealed below and did not continue to act Just waiting there quietly In the crystal you can see that the locked body of the king of the Great White Shark Xiaobai is keeping falling into the water which looks very strange It took half a stick of incense for a series of explosions to erupt from the red crystal Cracks spread rapidly and after three deep breaths a huge red crystal burst into powder and Xiaobai's body had broken free normally

He rolled in the sea accelerated in an instant jumped hundreds of meters away and then turned to look at Tang San in the air No more fighting no more fighting with you pervert Xiao Bai's discontented voice came from far away Tang San turned to faux ficus tree the direction she jumped out At the same time he took back the blood light wheel and the blue and silver body around his body He smiled and said "Why don't you fight" Small white didn't have the good luck tunnel "I really don't know let you take the evil demon killer whale king that bastard's soul ring soul bone right" Its skill is just right to restrain me Although your soul power is not comparable to mine these skills are really annoying Can't you use something else Tang San laughed and said "Xiao Bai in the course of the battle of course you have to choose the most effective skill!" Small white some dejected tunnel "I admit you are really abnormal OK" Three hundred-thousand-year-old soul rings three of the five soul bones are hundred-thousand-year-old plus the deterrence of the light of Poseidon Even in the sea it's hard for me to defeat you On land I'm afraid I'm no match for you

I deeply believe that you can finish your task Three days is a little short but with your perversion it's not impossible to beat those seven guys I won't practice with you If you hadn't shown mercy just now I wouldn't have been able to get away with it Tang San looked at Xiaobai's frustrated appearance and comforted him by saying "Well I won't ask you to practice with me in the future" In fact you don't have to be sad You didn't lose to me you lost to the natural enemy! "Pooh Pooh Pooh" Let's go I won't play with you Say that finish small white depressed turn around and go a few dodge the body has been drilled into the deep sea Looking at her terrible speed Tang San sighed in his heart that Xiaobai deserved to be the overlord of the sea It seems that his ability to restrain her now But in fact if it is a life-and-death struggle she only needs to rely on speed to fight with herself in the sea until her soul is exhausted how can she win her The sea is her best battlefield! hacartificialtreePresseportal
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