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The Story of Two Dragons-Cao Ruobing
Thema: The Story of Two Dragons-Cao Ruobing
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The Story of Two Dragons-Cao Ruobing
Before he had finished Hou Tianxiang sneered "I tell you sir I haven't touched my lips push back racking system with a drop of wine at all" Bai Xuanping was a little suspicious and incredulous "But you clearly" Hou Tianxiang sneered again and said "Sir I asked for a little trick to deceive you" With a slight pause in his voice he reached into his sleeve and took out a five-inch-high jade vase He put it on the table and said lightly "I poured all the wine into it" From the bottom of his heart Bai Xuanping was shocked to the extreme and said "So Ji Lao" Hou Tianxiang said "I secretly gave him a poisonous elixir" Bai Xuanping was stunned! Suddenly he burst out laughing and said "Hou Tianxiang you are really brilliant I Bai Xuanping admire you" With a slight pause Yu Feng answered in a deep voice "What are you going to do with Bai Mou now" You say it!

Hou Tianxiang asked in reply "Sir what do you think I will do to you" Bai Xuanping thought of the telegram "You probably won't let me go lightly" he said with a smirk "What if I don't let you go" Asked Hou Tianxiang "Of course he killed me" said Bai Xuanping Hou Tianxiang shook his head indifferently and said "Sir you're wrong" "I was wrong" "Do you want to spare me lightly" Asked Bai Xuanping "Yes" said Hou Tianxiang "I didn't mean to kill you at all" Bai Xuanping smiled and said "Well aren't you afraid of'letting warehouse storage racks the tiger go back to the mountains'" Hou Tianxiang raised his eyebrows and said coldly "Sir can you be regarded as a tiger" Bai Xuanping's eyes flashed a strange color and he said "Then why do you still want to seal the acupoints on my shoulders" Hou Tianxiang smiled and said "Sir because I have something to rely on you Do you understand" Bai Xuanping's face changed and he said "Do you want me to send you safely out of the village" Hou Tianxiang nodded and said "I don't want to hurt innocent people too much!" Bai Xuanping said with a sly smile "Actually this'Leopard Hidden Village 'is dominated by Jilao As long as there are old colleagues no one will dare to stop you You worry too much" Hou Tianxiang said with a smile "Maybe I'm worrying too much but" With a slight pause in his voice he said "Sir I can see that on the surface he is the acting Villa Leader but that's only in name In fact all sovereignty is secretly in your hands Nine times out of ten all the people in the Villa are the confidants of your Lord and they only listen to your orders!" Bai Xuanping burst out laughing and said "Hou Tianxiang since you understand this do you think you still have the hope of leaving the village today" "Sir if you want to die and if you are willing to let these confidants of your master die in vain you can order them to intercept me and try!" Hou Tianxiang said Yin Xiufu the manager of the backyard stared at him and shouted "Hou Tianxiang are you a character" Hou Tianxiang said lightly "Yin Xiufu what do you think" Yin Xiufu smiled and said "If you think you're a character you can break out of the village with your martial arts skills warehousing storage solutions " Hou Tianxiang said coldly "Do you think I dare not" Yin Xiufu said "If you have the courage and confidence to get out of this village why should you threaten the Marquis of Qing to send you" With a flash of cold lightning Hou Tianxiang burst out laughing and said "Yin Xiufu I didn't want to hurt innocent people in vain but you're so exciting that I have to rush through!" After a slight pause he turned to Ximen Yanji and said "Elder brother please lead your disciples to go first My younger brother will come later"

As soon as Ximen Yanji nodded he stood up and looked at Bai Xuanping and asked in a deep voice "Bai Xuanping the old man and the young disciple are going to leave the village right now What do you mean" Bai Xuanping frowned slightly and said "Old Ji Xuanping wants you to think more carefully before you go" "There's no need to think about it" said Ximen Yanji "I've made up my mind to go Now I'm only asking you Are you going to stop me" Bai Xuanping smiled and said "Ji Lao has decided to leave and Xuanping has not received an order from the master of the gate Naturally it is not convenient to stop Ji Lao but" Ximen Yanji stared and shouted "But what" Bai Xuanping come on! Bai Xuanping smiled darkly and said "Ji Lao has betrayed the Lord today He will die a tragic death soon" Doudou Library Picture File 7dayocr Doudou Library Exclusive Book Chapter 18 fighting alone T Xt small say day " don" As soon as Bai Xuanping's voice fell Ximen Yanji's face suddenly changed color his eyes suddenly opened his eyebrows suddenly opened and his expression was so shocking that his heart trembled! "Bai Xuanping" he said with a sudden burst of laughter "you'll die in a hundred years I've lived for ninety years and I've lived almost enough Even if I die tragically as long as I die worth it I'll have a clear conscience and I won't be notorious in the world What's the pity" With a slight pause Yu Feng turned his eyes to Hou Tianxiang and said "Brother Hou my elder brother is waiting for you outside the village Please don't waste too much time" Hou Tianxiang nodded his head and said with a smile "Don't bother little brother Please be careful to guard against a plot" Ximen Yanji laughed and said "Thank you Brother Hou for reminding me Please relax Although Brother Hou has always been careless he is not a person who is easily plotted against But Brother Hou you must be careful yourself Don't be too kind to your subordinates" "Tan Fang let's go!" Tan Fang shouted as he turned to the "Eagle Ghost Claw" Sound fall step out of the seat out of the hall straight outside the village The "Broken Soul Sword" Duan Changren and the "Taiyin Sword" Yan Qingjiang also got up and left their heavy duty metal racks seats and followed Ximen Yanji out Hou Tianxiang gave a sudden sneer and shouted "Yin Xiufu be steady!" The right palm is empty and light and the invisible strength of the inner family has been sent which defuses the finger force behind Yin Xiufu's attack on Duan Changren and Yan Qingjiang! Yin Xiufu's face suddenly turned pale He smiled coldly and said "Hou Tianxiang you're already a'mud Bodhisattva crossing the river 'Do you still want to mind your own business" Hou Tianxiang raised his eyebrows and said "Your Excellency General Manager Yin no matter what as long as Hou is still breathing he will not be allowed to kill or injure people for no reason" Yin Xiufu sneered "Can it be said that Yin killed someone for no reason" 。 jrackingPresseportal
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