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Scream queen
Instead they do not refresh the director's perception of the new season all the time making the other party feel that their harshness seems too petty but in fact it is not the upper limit of others at all The crew who worked with her once suspected that the director had pulled the Teardrop Pallet Racking man out of the comic book Film companies are also marketing before the release of the "strongest woman on the surface" marketing program and later simply changed to "the strongest person on the surface" C country is one of the main markets for this series of hero movies and this is the first series of movies to select C country people as the leading heroes of independent movies The whole C country is proud and the expectation of the film once climbed to the highest level which is not only a matter of the actor's nationality but also represents the victory of the C country's filmmakers in the competition so that domestic filmmakers and film companies have identified the pace of moving closer to the mainstream market And Zhu Yang's character is also very popular in women's rights organizations She doesn't like women's rights and she has a stunning appearance

The film company combined all the marketing tools and crowds it could use and when the film was released the rave reviews made her popular all over the world People who came out of the cinema could not believe that such a hearty and passionate fight was contributed by the heroine in the movie I just came out of the cinema The idiot next to me asked me why I was kneeling on the chair to watch the movie I didn't answer In the middle of the movie he did the same thing as me The marketing upstairs is too hard What is the number of this series Every one of them is so mysterious Isn't it just a special effect and feelings I have ten minutes to go into the cinema hall and come out to hit you in the face [It's awesome especially the fights Most of the long shots are totally showy There's no body double or editing It's terrible for an actress to do that] I like her character so much It's a breath of fresh air among heroes [Upstairs you make it up Keep making it up It's a mudslide] This should be the most fashionable hero movie right Did the heroine's fashion sports car clothes shoes and bags come out It's beautiful] I think that's one of the big downfalls of movies Is it a hero movie or a chick flick Don't worry she can still kick a hundred people like you to death even if she wears high heels Is it more difficult to shoot a fight scene in that costume I saw the toe of the shoe spinning slowly on the ground after kicking the enemy It was beautiful and handsome Did the actor really not get hurt when shooting this No not even a wire I can't believe that move was made without any AIDS or special effects Queen I'm going to lick the toe of your shoe [I'm on the second floor I'm in the middle of the movie now I'm on my knees too at the risk of death] Although commercial movies can't pursue the depth and plot too much this one is obviously a textbook commercial movie One-sided praise on the Internet has broken the global box office of the series of hero movies and the circle of friends is full of two brushes and three brushes It's not that there are no bones in the egg industrial racking systems but after the film is released more shooting tidbits will be published on the Internet But netizens saw that most of the thrilling and exciting actions were not special effects but real people fighting and there was a frame-by-frame analysis of the big men in the industry The amazing inhuman skills and force values still make people feel like they are trapped in the superhero's sense of fear which is totally out of line with reality Generally the green screen shooting tidbits of commercial special effects movies are simply embarrassing collections which can not be seen but Zhu Yang is an exception For this ability and toughness no one can be justified Many of her performances in the film have even been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records What else can she do besides kneeling and shouting Niubi Taking advantage of the hot iron the film company immediately drew up the shooting plan for the second part of the solo film and made great adjustments to the role and importance of the joint film For a time Zhu Yang was in the limelight in the field of commercial films But in addition to this Zhu Yang is not busy personality upper body this ability will be copied to Zhu Yang this is the reward she promised at the beginning of the game Her current force value is not busy screening the personality of martial arts masters but a lot of special professional personality she pulled out to learn

Trainers weapons experts trap designers and skills that Zhu Yang thinks are useful or interesting to him have all been learned after work But the copy of the most let her spend energy to learn is the way of investment There is also an autobiography of the personality of a big man in the film industry Zhu Yang has a thorough understanding of the industry through learning After thoroughly understanding the knowledge and experience and according to the background of the copy the inextricable links are smoothed Then he made use of the reward investment from his advantage of being a front-line international business and gained a firm foothold here through contacts and human relations During this period he received several films with an old and hot vision including commercial films and literary films all of which exploded Commercial films made a lot of money and literary films won awards everywhere She even won the best actress award of one of the most prestigious international awards Zhu Yang is not so lucky that the world revolves around her but she can learn what she needs Film selection vision personality in the body naturally has the personality of the legendary producer Zhu Yang through his film selection combing habits a successful film of course needs many factors can already be in it and there is no lack of'teaching ' A person with quick thinking and clear context like her should not be difficult in any line of work Qi Xun while trying to become stronger while watching her use the role of Goldfinger to the extreme in the past he felt difficult to reach the sky in the latter part of the strategy warehouse pallet racks to touch the end of the corner But in Zhu Yang here is only her starting point she does not rely on anyone through the extraction of Goldfinger has become a terrible bloodthirsty shark in the industry Run amuck in their own waters with ease In the eyes of all filmmakers she is a golden doll and a walking money printing machine Her powerful beauty and force value as well as more powerful value than force value make her prosperous in the industry Fame money power connections she did it in a short time However the domestic industry has been depressed in the past two years and the chaos in the market has led to a decline in the quality of works The company targeted by Zhu Yang is naturally one of the giants affected jrackingPresseportal
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