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Mission and the Limits of the Heart
Thema: Mission and the Limits of the Heart
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Mission and the Limits of the Heart
"Of course" she replied In that case choose what the doctor thinks is best I trust the doctor It is said that the old man has a granddaughter of the same age as Xiji From the very beginning the old man was very kind to the young female resident doctor As soon as the vast majority of patients saw Xiji their faces showed suspicion and sometimes some patients indicated that they wanted to change male doctors However this old man is an exception Xiji successfully removed the blood vessel and yuangong performed tile profile factory the fixed anastomosis and vascular anastomosis He is one of Xiji's guiding doctors and his skills are superb Xi Ji looked closely and wanted to steal some skills but yuan Gong's movements were so fast that she couldn't see them After hemostasis a catheter was inserted the sternum was repositioned the fascia subcutaneous tissue and epidermis were sutured and the operation was completed As usual the armpits were wet with sweat and the back of the neck was sore Xi Ji has been officially involved in heart surgery for two weeks but he is still not used to it The patient was moved to the intensive care unit for postoperative observation In fact from here on is the longest

It is necessary to monitor the patient's blood pressure urine electrocardiogram etc While adjusting the respirator and medication Of course there will also be changes in the condition and secondary surgery Xi Ji stared at the electrocardiogram display watching knowing that his consciousness was gradually blurred **** I have to pull myself together She tried to stay awake but her head went numb intermittently Suddenly feeling her knees weak she paused and jerked her head up He seemed to have dozed off just now and yuan Gong was laughing in front of him Princess it seems to have reached the limit There were snow-white teeth between the two thin lips and this smiling face fascinated many nurses yuan Gong is thirty-five years old He is currently single He loves tennis His complexion is tanned all the year round Xi Ji shook his head I'm all right "You had an emergency operation yesterday too Didn't you sleep much Go and have a rest" "It's all right with me" "I have connections" yuan Gong's smile disappeared and his eyes became stern An unusable doctor is not a doctor The thought of someone being unreliable makes me feel all wrong "It doesn't matter anymore I can count on it" It's up to me to decide whether it's reliable or not That's why I asked you to rest Come back when you've had enough rest so that I can do my job Xi Ji bit his lip yuan Gong saw her reaction and smiled again nodding slightly Sadly he was right Since he dozed off during the postoperative observation there is no refutation Give me an hour then With these words she stood up When she left the intensive care unit she saw the nurse Mase Wang Masase who is petite and has a round face seems to be a kind and kind person tile trim factory When they meet in the corridor and other places on weekdays they will smile at each other and they are the same now Xi Ji stopped and told the other party that he would go to the duty room to take a nap and ask the other party to wake her up if there was anything wrong Doctor it's so hard! Haven't you been having an operation these days There were three residents before and now there is only one doctor in the ice room Mase Wang is twenty-one years old May be because of their lowest seniority and have a sense of intimacy with Xiji usually very good to Xiji sorting out summonses and other transactional work are almost handled for her How can you just fall down like this Xi Ji smiled bitterly Xi Ji lay down in the duty room but the sandman who should have attacked did not come I thought I must sleep but instead I put pressure on myself which is helpless After graduating from the medical department of Teidu University last year she studied at the same university hospital So far I have studied in internal medicine surgery emergency and other departments and the current department is cardiovascular surgery This department is the ultimate goal of Xi Ji Instead of being moved by "finally coming here" she felt strongly that "how can I still be in such a place" Even if the study is successfully completed it is not likely to become a cardiovascular surgeon After graduation they must go through a minimum of seven years of training and actively participate in the society Obviously I only do the work of assistant level but I feel that my physical strength has reached the limit so I can't realize my dream I want to be a doctor and when I become a doctor I want to save people like my father In the autumn evening of that year Xi Ji who was in the third year of junior high school declared this to his mother Lily Hui Lily Hui surprised expression Xi Ji still remember clearly

Shortly before that her father Kensuke Ichimuro passed away Father had a huge aneurysm in his chest but the operation did not go smoothly It is said that Kensuke knew beforehand that the operation was very risky and was psychologically prepared Since Xiji came to the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery he has seen several patients with large aneurysms It was sad to think that they were suffering from the same disease as their father Although the mood of wanting treatment is the same as that of treating other diseases when these patients undergo surgery Xiji is more nervous Fortunately all the operations have been successful so far Seeing the reassuring expression of the family members and more importantly seeing the patient's recovery Xiji also breathed a sigh of relief from the bottom of his heart However another completely different idea also occupied her heart Save people like dad-that's from the heart However she has another greater motive but this motive must not be discovered by others Not to mention the guiding doctor she even hid it from her mother When she woke up she didn't know where she was for a moment and when she remembered that this was the duty room she had been in a daze in the blanket for a while When she reached for the alarm clock her eyes opened wide It was already half past six in the morning She had planned to take a nap but she slept until dawn She jumped out of bed washed her face and rushed to the intensive care unit Because no one woke her up it was supposed that the patient was not in trouble but yuan Gong's words made her feel uneasy-residents who were exhausted by lack of sleep were unreliable and it was not impossible to turn to other doctors for help If so she will lose face However the figure of yuan Gong was not seen in the intensive care unit Asked the nurses present the other side said that he went back around four o'clock and the patient was not abnormal The doctor said that if there was any problem he would wake up the princess in the duty room The nurse said with a giggle jecatrimsPresseportal
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