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Geng Li went round and round in the room and said "I didn't approve of handing over the position of Zhenfu to Shi Chuan at the beginning Zhenfu is already in his hands and he can really cover up the sky in the Royal Guards!"! This is very bad for us It happened that steatite c221 the tetrarch let the Chen cripple not only replaced the British prince but also took a hereditary hundred households to appease the British prince let the British prince feel uncomfortable for no reason And now to do such a bold thing He stamped his foot Cripple Chen was another aide of the King of Liao Geng Li's attendant frowned and said hesitantly "Master should punish Shi Chuan Don't worry too much" "No!" Geng Li retorted firmly "master not only will not punish Shi Chuan but also have to give Shi Chuan to clean up the mess!" Geng Li's entourage understood with a little thought The king of Liao needed Shi Chuan to help him spy on the capital At this time no matter what Shi Chuan did the king of Liao must forgive Shi Chuan magnanimously And for Shi Chuan aftermath let those who take refuge in the king of Liao know that the king of Liao is a "broad-minded courteous corporal" in exchange for the loyalty of those people He was a little unwilling to say "Is Shi Chuan not afraid of the master settling accounts after autumn" Geng Li said with a wry smile "He can explain to others that he is testing whether the tetrarch has the capacity to tolerate others" In this way the king of Liao could not touch him Geng Li's entourage also followed with a wry smile

In the Yizhi Hall of the British government Gu Yu was filled with righteous indignation and waved his arm "How can they come up with the idea of being a bandit" Who dares to kidnap Tianci's people in the black and white of Northern Zhili now Someone must be trying to hurt you! Who is this man Dong Qi It's impossible! He's not that stupid! Who else is there besides him Song Mo can be said to be the king of Liao No way! He stared at Gu Yu Dou Zhao hurriedly said "Now that the person who captured Ah Yan has been found there's no need to worry Just check it out slowly Kyoto is big" With you with Lord Ma with Lord Jiang Can't you find out Don't worry Then he asked him about the shipyard in Tianjin "I heard that the Ministry of Works sent someone to your place to learn from you I want to borrow your craftsmen to build some big ships that can carry artillery" Mention this matter if Gu Yuxiang is scratched in the itch place can not say the pride Yes His tail is almost up to the sky Those fools of the Ministry of Works good ship maps were put by them to feed moths but they came to me to learn from them I am also not polite let them take the ship map of the Western Ocean in exchange At this point he suddenly became excited and his body went out toward Song Mo Brother Tianci shall we build some big ships to go to sea Those merchants in Jiangsu and Zhejiang are too black and the goods are ten thousand taels of silver "If you can earn a hundred thousand taels of silver it's as simple as turning everything into gold!" Song Mo was so happy that he turned his eyes away Smiling he gave him a chestnut on his forehead and said "Don't eat what's in the bowl and think about what's in the nest" You built the boat and you're afraid no one will spend a lot of money to buy it It is serious for you to do what you are doing well Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters There is a lot of silver in the world How could it all come to our arms Eat alone be careful to be swallowed! Gu Yusan shyly It happened that the wet nurse came over with brother yuan in her arms He amused Brother yuan happily He put the matter behind him Song Mo and Dou Zhao were relieved After Gu Yu left in the evening Dou Zhao discussed with Song Mo "Settle down Ah Yan's marriage as soon as possible The king of Liao just wants to marry Ah Yan as his wife It's easy to push" But if someone writes to marry Ah Yan we can't ignore the decree in the palace can we Song Mo was still a little uncomfortable but when he thought of Chen Jia running around after Jiang Yan was captured he gave a buzzing "um" Dou Zhao laughed and advised Song Mo "Don't do that!"! Chen Jia will be his own family in the future When you meet him you will have a better attitude and sister Yan will have a brighter face! When Song Mo heard this he jumped up like a cat with fried hair and said "If he can marry my sister there will be smoke in their ancestral graves What else does he want" Like a child whose treasure has been snatched away

"Good good good!" Dou Zhao was both angry and funny He treated him as a child and comforted him "Don't let him come to the door when he has nothing to do Who let you be his brother-in-law" Song Mo "hum" a few times look in the end has eased Wait until the Chen family to hire the day although he is light to Chen Jia but somehow did not put on a face to Chen Jia to see Chen Jia to nothing after all is the Song family let him come to kiss The eyes of Chen Jia's cordierite c520 colleagues almost fell off As soon as Song Mo left someone shouted "Pinch me quickly I saw Lord Song smile just now!"! I'm not dreaming am I I've been to Jin Wu Wei Gong no less than ten times but I haven't seen Lord Song laugh once! And envious way "praise you can ah!"! He became the brother-in-law of the British prince! The crowd roared with laughter Song Yichun's nose was all crooked He called Song Mo to ask "Why didn't you say hello to Jiang Yan's marriage" Song Mo said with a smile "Didn't you say Jiang Yan had nothing to do with you" I think since her surname is Jiang it is enough to have the consent of the elders of the Jiang family so I didn't tell you You're not angry are you Otherwise you will recognize Jiang Yan and I will push this marriage and then find a prominent family for Jiang Yan! As he spoke he saw Song Yichun staring at him with his eyes wide open and frightened and he couldn't help stabbing What a pity! I don't know what the king of Liao heard A few days ago he sent his staff over saying that he wanted to marry Jiang Yan I was afraid of arousing the suspicion of the emperor and the empress so I had to reluctantly push the marriage! You say if you had recognized Jiang Yan you would have a prince's son-in-law now how many would there be! With that he walked away Song Yichun did not come to his senses for a long time When he came to his senses the corners of his mouth twitched and his heart was full of unpleasant feelings Miao Ansu also received a post over there She asked Song Han "How many gifts should we follow" 。 global-ceramicsPresseportal
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