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Not I Qingcheng: Wang Ye wants to divorce the imperial concubine
Thema: Not I Qingcheng: Wang Ye wants to divorce the imperial concubine
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Not I Qingcheng: Wang Ye wants to divorce the imperial concubine
The Crown Princess changed her name everyone knows why after all the new emperor can not openly jacuzzi swim spa accept his brother's wife for the imperial concubine But even if he wants this beautiful city it can be dark not on the surface the name can be changed but the world's leisurely mouth What on earth is this young new gentleman thinking! Besides I heard that the new emperor loved the former side of the imperial concubine Qiaochu Qiaomei and Qiaochu have always been at odds even Shen Fei is also hostile to Qiaochu Lang Fei's family has great merit after the seal is excusable but these two For a moment all the people in the hall were stunned and even Fang Ming who had announced the decree had a complicated face Kneeling aside Qiao Zhenning and his wife were surprised and delighted The new emperor walked down the steps quickly and lifted his eyebrows which were still kneeling on the ground With a sneer Shangguan Jingcong threw half of the amulet to the ground and said coldly "Thank you for your wrong love

It's just that Jingcong's ability is limited He can't take on the heavy responsibility of supervising the three departments The other amulet is returned Jingcong is willing to leave Chaoge with his family and be free from now on" Without waiting for the new emperor to agree he said "Thank the emperor for his help" and Yang Chang left Many people don't understand why Shangguan Jinghong seems to want to put Shangguan Jingcong in an important position After all it is said that the prince used to be in love with the imperial concubine But understand 5 person hot tub the dissatisfaction of Shangguan Jingcong at this time The new emperor is not angry just congealed eyebrows suddenly gently smiled eyebrows heart beating she finally waited for him! When Xiaoman reached the bushes outside the throne room she saw Shangguan Jingcong walking quickly with a frosty face She seemed to be coming out of the hall She was trying to stop him but she hesitated Shangguan Jingcong would not like to see her here It had been more than half a month since she returned to Chaoge from Kangcheng She often remembered why she was not afraid of death at that time She picked up the headband that Shangguan Jinghong had fallen on the ground and handed it to him At that time her heart was full of sadness and there was a voice shouting not to fly to death Unexpectedly Shangguan Jinghong took the headband and whispered "Yes I can't give up I want to wait for her to come back and get her back" After she returned to Chaoge she nursed herself in the Xia Mansion every day until today when Shangguan Jingcong went to court to attend the ceremony of the new emperor's accession to the throne She wanted to come and have 4 person jacuzzi a look and Shangguan Jingcong said that they would leave the alborada tomorrow But Shangguan Jingcong didn't seem to like it She finally came over quietly by herself Don't know why She thought she took one look and left Just one look ———————————————————— 429 It was this slight hesitation that Shangguan Jingcong had gone far away Xia Zongguan had been injured before and was still being raised She stole the token of Shangguan Jingcong and asked several boys to drive over Several children were still waiting in the outer hall Shangguan Jingcong seemed to hate his brother very much She made a quick decision and went back early He might be less angry Outside the hall the chamberlains were surrounded by female officials in an orderly manner on both sides and a group of women in full dress stood in the center It looked like they were all royal relatives and officials and they were watching the new emperor's enthronement ceremony Peilan and the seven princesses were all there

They were all seen by her in the army Although the time was short there was a feeling of cordiality Dong Ning was not there Was it in the inner hall She smiled and said "Five sisters seven sisters" Everyone looked back with some surprise and saw that it was Xiaoman Perrin and the seven princesses laughed back in a daze perhaps because the woman's eyebrows and eyes were somewhat similar to those of the past even her sex Love and excellence are poles apart jacuzzi bath spa Unlike others they only regarded her as a concubine of Shangguan Jingcong Shangguan Jingcong was also a person who changed women like clothes They did not attach importance to her but somewhat liked her King Ning was the most important brother of the new emperor Seeing Peilan's attitude the girls gave way Xiaoman was lucky enough to get into the front row She was happy but she heard the seven princesses whisper to Peilan "Five sisters I feel sad" You and I saw in the army he is not the most love Qiao sister I really do not understand now Qiao sister's body is not cold he does not posthumously seal it but also You said that the product with raised eyebrows Which point of sex is better than my sister Is the appearance good-looking but he looked at her so explicitly can not take his eyes off you say this when the emperor is so fickle Come here "Seven younger sisters don't say it!" Perrin interrupted her in a slightly harsh voice
"I" Perrin smiled bitterly "perhaps he still loves the best in his heart but these women are also what he wants just like my father there are also many concubines the seventh master is not for the best I am not painful just this occasion" He is already the emperor no longer the eight sons of the emperor in the past there are some things we She said suddenly realized something looked at Xiaoman Xiaoman quickly shook his head "I didn't hear anything don't kill me" When Perrin and the seven princesses heard this they were all amused by her for a moment To show her innocence Xiaoman hurried to look into the temple although she didn't know what she wanted to see Perhaps she wanted to see if Shangguan Jinghong's wound had healed Although everyone was in awe of him she felt that he was somewhat pitiful This look but suddenly stunned three women in front of the new emperor he was staring at one of them eyes deep and faintly showing a trace of tenderness the woman suddenly knelt down said beg the emperor to forgive the crime of the two lords the Lord was also coerced by the prince it is not intended to fight against the emperor The new emperor was silent for a while but said "Lin Yu you can see you without kneeling in the future" Hearing this Dong Ning walked quickly out of the hall He looked anxious He knelt down and said "Brother you can't let these two people go Think about the sufferings my sister suffered in american hot tub the north in the past" People are talking one after another Xiaoman stared at the officials some of whom advocated that they must be severely punished while others fawned on the new imperial concubine and helped to speak In the army she had heard the story of the new emperor and his former concubine and knew that they seemed to love each other very much Knowing that the new emperor had turned against the old emperor for that woman she could not tell how she felt

At this time her heart suddenly gave birth to a sense of anger she pursed her lips was about to leave eyes a low but found that the door of the hall neatly placed several flower branches flower buds are still small budding appearance but very pink and beautiful As soon as she was stunned she stepped forward involuntarily and slowly bent down to pick up the flowers Bold frost-free flowers are ordered by the emperor to be placed here They must not be moved How can you touch them With a sharp cry of anger Xiaoman was stunned but saw several maids on both sides with a face of anger led by two people to catch her monalisaPresseportal
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