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This song "General Night" is the whirlpool hot tub theme song of this year's hottest costume drama "The World of the Tang Dynasty" The desolate melody of pipa zither and erhu as the main instruments can shake everyone's soul under the strong beating of war drums It is the noble spirit from the ancient battlefield and the last cry of every soul left in the world There are too many people who like to listen to this song and Su Fengxi's high-pitched voice pushes the artistic value of this song to the highest point Far from being a popular song it is a classic that can be sung for a century

A lot of people say they can play the song on a loop for days on end without getting bored It is Su Fengxi's most popular song but also the most powerful song but also the most in need of singing skills of a song Since she dares to perform on the spot I think she has some confidence Sure enough when the prelude was over and Su Fengxi opened her voice everyone recognized her previous reasons It was indeed a problem with the microphone and audio equipment Her performance at the moment lived up to the name of Siren yuan Zhongzhou looked at the woman on the stage with a very confused expression He could not understand what whirlpool bathtub the ominous feeling of that moment was but now it seemed that he had made a mistake and there was nothing wrong with Su Fengxi The rest of the psychics were red-cheeked and deeply guilty of the derogatory remarks Obsession and fanaticism returned to their eyes and the studio surrounded by music once again became a pilgrimage hall A Huo and He Jinglian are like two orange cats sucking too much wood holding their hands and squinting their eyes swaying with Su Fengxi and strong drums on the stage Zhao Wenyan had just been gloating over Su Fengxi's rollover but now he was in a panic looking around with frightened and restless eyes and trying to hide in the corner to prevent being infected by the fanaticism of these people Su Fengxi is a virus that is not immune Once she is given a suitable breeding environment she can grow crazily Vagnaro this song is so powerful Let's go! He clutched the young man by the sleeve Nothing Wait a minute Van Galo patted him gently on the back of his hand and his tone was indifferent as usual Xu Yiyang did not even block his ears and the whole person got under the chair The force field of this song is obviously much stronger than the outdoor hot tub one just now! Song Rui stared at the woman on the stage and countless bloody pictures appeared in his mind

The louder she sang the more fervent his murderous intent which was probably the only thing she could arouse from the depths of his heart Ding Puhang felt that his head was about to explode He was bewitched by Su Fengxi's singing and stung by Song Rui's killing thoughts Then he fell into a state of indulgence sobriety madness reason excitement and fear His soul was torn in two burned and frozen and the pain was hard to describe He had thought that Van Galo was the most terrible spirit in the show but now he realized that he was completely wrong Song Rui was the most incomprehensible and frightening existence in the world No matter how much beauty he sees in his eyes what is reflected in his heart is always anger and disgust as well as the irrepressible desire for destruction So beautiful Su Fengxi so clear and tactful voice but can only let him have the idea of killing each other this person is hopeless! Ding Puhang hugged his aching head and shouted in a low voice endless swimming pool "Don't sing Xixi Don't sing If you continue to sing you will be changed" Stare at it !” Because he clearly saw the whole process of Song Rui's fantasy of capturing and abusing prey he knew very well that as long as the other side took action he would succeed Song Rui's IQ is so high that he can design a detailed and practical plan almost every minute Even if he has the ability to read minds Ding Puhang can't keep up with his rhythm at all His brain is faster than the speed of light and he is totally different from ordinary people Damn I must quit the next issue! Ding Puhang clattered his head against the chair in the front row and vowed Su Fengxi could not hear Ding Puhang's cry but could only see the people's infatuated expressions so he played more and more freely But the man she most wanted to bewitch and control remained awake pressing Zhao Wenyan's shoulder with one hand and scooping a little boy into his arms with the other his dark pupils beginning to glow. Su Fengxi was overwhelmed by his gradually serious expression and reflexively looked away Van Galo finally finds the melody and the beat in the next high Before the tide comes Accompanied by the mouth shape of Su Fengxi he inaudibly recited "Tao can be Tao very Tao; name can be name very name" Nameless the beginning of heaven and earth famous the mother of all things

Therefore there is always no desire to observe its wonder and there is always desire to observe it Both of them have the same name the same name is mysterious mysterious and mysterious the door of all wonderful Yes he could not remember the lyrics whirlpool bathtub manufacturers of the song so he could only recite the Tao Te Ching and the volume could not cover the roar of war drums and the sound waves of Su Fengxi But miraculously the low and inaudible recitation still merged into Su Fengxi's singing and in an instant broke the holy palace she deliberately built making her fall from the high altar Her soaring treble plummets from its apex without even a cushion The shrill sound like a tire scraping the ground came from the microphone and expanded through the expensive speaker puncturing everyone's eardrums My God! What is this Dr Qian covered his heart and said in disbelief "Why is the sound broken again" Or is there a problem with the sound equipment "Impossible this set of speakers is newly bought we just tested it before the program was recorded massage bathtub manufacturers no problem" Song said warmly and discontentedly "Su Fengxi's singing skills are not good and the sound repair is too exaggerated!"! I hope this time she won't let our speakers and microphones take the blame for her When she said this she had no idea how obsessed her expression was at the last moment Treble is with inertia can not rap to sing said to close once the air flow from the Dantian it has to spit it out otherwise it will hurt the vocal cords and the heart So Su Fengxi knew that there was a problem but he still sang the last few high notes and then suddenly turned his head and looked at the position of Van Galo monalisaPresseportal
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