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Then you screw the top compartment on, place the whole thing on a stove and wait for the coffee to flow out.It works off a pressurized system which is pure genius.The reason why it has the thick consistency of espresso is because the coffee flows up from the bottom under a certain amount of pressure, which makes it richer in texture and density.An Amateur’s Rendition of a Moka PotIt’s the only way I like my morning coffee now.I even bought myself a smaller one that I carry on every trip out of town, and everyone who accompanies me rolls their eyes at it.It got the same reaction from my poor mother too, when she saw me pull it out to make my coffee when I visited her.But do you know, I actually bought that Moka pot on my trip to Italy for my honeymoon eight years ago!Using the pot felt like too much effort.Somehow, in the middle of a global lockdown, I created the ritual for myself.It’s a feeling of nostalgia that hits home every time.So, when someone tells you that tradition and nostalgia can’t bring simple joys and happiness into your life, tell them to try using the tools tradition provides.This is just stage one.Don’t just stick to the moka pot, go beyond it.Nostalgia can fade if you keep repeating it, but using it to spark your curiosity can be the start of a whole new journey.Then came stuff that goes with coffee, the accompaniments that make a cup of coffee taste even better.I started identifying the subtle flavours, the variations in aroma and the purity of the experience of drinking coffee.If I’d just stuck to the moka pot and not done anything else, my joy would have in all probability been momentary, but now it’s a constant stream.This is something all of us can apply to every aspect of our work and life.To discover the new we need the old, because everything that is new has been built on the foundation of something that has come before.All the knowledge of the past and all the information from the present can help us visualize and create the future.But, and this is the most important condition, don’t think twice before questioning it and reshaping it as you see fit.Tradition generates so much friction, every step of the way.’Tradition isn’t sacrosanct.It should not demand blind faith, and it’s not something that cannot evolve.Tradition is what history and experience teaches us so we can make informed decisions.It’s like creating content for social media or a blog based on actual data.Everything needs a starting point and tradition gives you that.But if you want to move ahead, you have to leave the starting point behind and evolve from it.
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