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The method is simple.When you’re trying to understand the emotional core of a particular thing or idea, write down why you think people are doing it, and then write down why it is important three times.You’ll notice that each successive answer takes you deeper into understanding the true nature and core of the idea as well as the emotion behind it.Let’s say you have an individual you follow for the perspective and knowledge they impart to you through what they create and share.If you take note of who they reference, what they read, watch, listen to or just connect with in a systematic way, then you have more knowledge to consume on what you already relate to.This often helps you dig deeper and gives you a more diverse perspective, especially when you check out people the individual doesn’t agree with as much but references often.It’s almost like the way Netflix throws more content on to your home screen based on what you browse, watch and engage with.As with monetary investments, this investment in knowledge providers and their connected sources also requires your focus to be long term, deep and diversified.In other words, build a diversified information portfolio.Progress requires unlearning.Becoming the best version of yourself requires you to continuously edit your beliefs, and to upgrade and expand your identity.My job was to help execute everything from television properties of all scales and sizes to brand commercials, live shows and beyond.I’ve been through almost all parts of the process, from assisting across departments, to directing, producing, writing, editing and, if the project was unlucky enough, camerawork as well.I’ve enjoyed working on various formats of content, and so I’ve always prided myself on having a macro perspective in the content space.Or at least I did till I became a creator.In fact, as I kept unlearning since putting on my creator hat, I’ve also realized the many things I’ve done wrong over the years.I rued the multitude of times over the years when I said, ‘This is how it’s done!’ or ‘Why break what doesn’t need fixing?’ or just ‘I’ve done this before, let me explain!’.Although conforming to past knowledge is often intended to speed things up and get things done, they often become roadblocks to rethinking the wheel before the road evolves.That’s why unlearning needs to be a constant process in our learning cycle.We need to constantly question established thoughts and use them more as reference points rather than the endgame.So, spend every day learning, distilling, diversifying and subtracting from your knowledge pool.Spend time reflecting on your day and understand what you’ve learnt from it.Use all the knowledge you’ve collected to guide you in finding clarity and wisdom from your own life.Don’t Just Follow Tradition, Learn from It, Question It and Evolve ItIn Russian folklore there is an archetype called yurodivy, or the ‘Holy Fool’.Nonetheless is actually the wrong word.Those who are not part of existing social hierarchies are free to blurt out inconvenient truths or question things the rest of us take for granted.It involves a moka pot.The process is simple, and it doesn’t really demand anything fancy.
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