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sildenafil for pulmonary hypertension
Many adherents of the strong sex are shy or are not accustomed to talk and worry about their health,in 50 years the risk of formation severe diseases quickly increases. Therefore, anyone, even the healthiest 50-year-old man, must stick to uncomplicated rules, in order better the quality of your life, prevent early aging. Following a healthy diet With correct nutrition will help prevent development of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes 2 likeness moreover some shapes of cancer. Mandatory in the diet must be: fruits and vegetables are vitamins, fiber; very products, fermented milk products - calcium; dietary meat , poultry, fish, legumes, eggs, nuts - source protein.

For improvement well-being of the cardiovascular system, reduction of weight fundamentally to limit consumption: saturated fats, trans fats - margarine, confectionery; cholesterol - smoked goods, animal fats, egg yolk, lard, fatty sauces, cream cakes, fried food; salt, salty food; refined sugar. Regular physical activity is the worst method half after 50 years strengthen heart, muscles, make elasticity and bring weight back to normal viagra for sale. Regular classes assist prevent formation of hypertension, ischemic ailments, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, dementia. In addition to how, physical activity increases degree of testosterone in the body, actually very fundamental for sexy health men in adulthood. Aerobic or cardio - walking, bathing, riding bike - increase the heart rate decreases and involve large groups muscles . Strength training with dumbbells or on simulators necessary for set of muscle mass. To consolidate men's well-being professionals advise both types of physical exercises. 7 sports activities for elderly people, who definitely strengthen well-being Highlighter for face In Russia, the CTP policy price For the prevention of diseases, need (need) daily walking walking(walking) by 20 minutes at a fast pace and get involved in sports two times a week with set. To consolidate the chances of success, you should choose that, these looks classes, which evoke pleasure. Men who previously did not drive active lifestyle, recommended consult with doctor. Strengthening the immune system With age becomes more difficult endure infectious diseases, because necessary strengthen immunity.

Along with correct feeding and physical activity need get enough sleep, do not overwork, more often walk outdoors, periodically ventilate building, on contrast shower. Very main drink3 below 2 liters unsullied drinking water, in order to remove toxins from the body. The attending doctor will help for choose vitamin and mineral complexes, aimed at maintaining men's well-being in any specific case. Quitting smoking and alcohol 50 years is excellent time, in order give up smoking and alcohol, case you have not done this before. How only a person throws smoke out, the body itself begins to recover after harm caused by smoking. Those who quit smoke, soon notice 1st changes in the body: it becomes easier winnow; shortness of breath passes, "smoker's cough"; what-either smells and tastes are felt happens. In the long-term possibility, quitting smoking and alcohol significantly reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke, hypertension, disease and cirrhosis of the liver. It will help for to be more active and enjoy life completely[...]al . Top 5 rehabilitation centers for the disabled How to format a USB flash drive on a Mac How to test a computer Monitoring health To maintain men's well-being recommended periodically visit doctor. Depending on history illness, lifestyle of life, moments and heredity necessary tests are assigned in personal order. An experienced specialist hint you how often follow to conduct those or other surveys. High blood pressure increases the risk of heart attack, stroke other diseases. Measuring blood pressure does not take a lot delay. You can buy a tonometer and without watch the indicators at convenient you time. It is advisable to take measurements day at the same time, in in case of deviations from generally recognized consult with physician. Cholesterol and sugar levels To find the level of cholesterol and sugar, take blood from a vein. A high degree of cholesterol indicates that actually atherosclerotic plaques are beginning to be created in vessels. The doctor will pick up necessary medications and will give tips on lowering this indicator. Glucose level will allow for to diagnose diabetes at the early stage. Those who had unhealthy diabetes in their family must periodically donate blood for sugar. Urological difficulties,tasks,obstacles The prostate gland is a gland located near to the bladder and penis of a man. Conditions such as benign prostatic hyperplasia, occasionally occur in young people, but the risk grows with. So, according to research, in men older 50 years probability development of prostate cancer by 40% higher . Regular and timely examinations will help to recognize the disease at the early stage, when it is possible with cured.
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