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Assuming you intend to go to the memorial service of Runescape
Thema: Assuming you intend to go to the memorial service of Runescape
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Assuming you intend to go to the memorial service of Runescape
The less damage you suffer the less food you'll need to consume. If you're engaged in a fight against an armed bandit OSRS Gold, getting away is usually the better option over a fight (unless you have extremely high combat stats and you can finish him without wasting time).

If you are looking for additional items that could make your life easier, you may also bring gloves of silence as they don't increase your chances of winning blackjack or to pickpocket. If you win a blackjack, they'll give you an additional percentage after a successful second try of pickpocketing. Also, the bracelet of regeneration could be a nice addition since it boosts health by 1 per minute. Items such as Rogue Equipment, Ardougne Cloak and Dodgy Necklace won't be neccessary for this.

Now you have the knowledge of blackjack, and are now equipped to play, so you are able to begin your learning. Make your way to Shantay pass where you can be a part of the Magic Carpet ride. Ask the NPC to help you get to the Pollnivneach in search of bandsits.

There are three types of bandits one can encounter in the camp: bearded , white-clad bandits are perfect for Level 45 thiefs shaving ones, those in shaved white clothes should be taken when they reach the 55th level, and the ones in bright and colorful outfits are best for those with thieving ability over 65. You can quickly identify how each one of the bandits appears like by looking him up with a right click.

If you're now in Pollnivneach and are determined to break the law go to the chosen bandit and employ the lure option on him. You should see him begin following your lead, but he might declare that he is engaged right now Buy RS 2007 Gold. If this happens, you'll have to try again until he takes your invitation.
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