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It was just too hard to get a +1 at the level
Thema: It was just too hard to get a +1 at the level
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It was just too hard to get a +1 at the level
This thread was created by me to RuneScape Gold find ways that an individual can have fun and not be part of a group. While it may sound absurd it's true that the MMO-tag implies you must have others to have fun. However, I'm not certain. When I was a novice, I remember being awed by the size of the world of RS.

As most gamers are now, it's too late to be able to spend hours grinding one skill. If you're interested in these abilities, they can be satisfying. However, I got exhausted of advancing my level after I hit the level of 106. It was just too hard to get a +1 at the level.

In a way, going back to a game you played as a child might not be the most ideal thing. You will probably receive the typical "If this game is not suitable for you, then look for another game you enjoy and to play it", response. It's OK. But it didn't hurt me to visit this forum and solicit suggestions. It's never too early to think, you might enjoy myself.

Further information The fact that I'm not likely to receive mems soon. It's pretty low (1k) after having bought three sets of rare armor but I like to wear it for show :P = Ätsch!. I have the standard items to play a F2P game, full normal rune sets, and 80 statistics to calculate Atk, Def and HP.

The highest score is 93. Range and Magic are 60plus. Magic is 72. Decent amount of food I bought to prepare for Buy OSRS Accounts clan wars (mostly Tuna and a bunch of lobs that were not cooked), Explorers Ring 4 and free food also.
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